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On Preparing For Your Future: My Hope Chest

If you're a traditional-minded girl like myself, you've probably always dreamed of the day when you'd meet your Prince Charming, he'd drop down on a knee and ask you to spend forever with him.

By now, you've probably dreamt up your ideal home decor and things you'll add to your registry once that day comes. Which is more than likely on a not-so-secret Pinterest board that you've been working on for the last 5 years.

Or is that just me?

My Pinterest board, however, isn't only a compilation of dreamy items I hope to have. It's also inspiration for my Hope Chest.

If you're not familiar with the idea of a Hope Chest, I talk about it briefly in this video. But to summarize, a Hope Chest is a collection of useful items that young, unmarried women begin gathering together to carry with them when they do get married and move in with their new husband.

My mom introduced this idea to me, as she STILL has items from her Hope Chest, that she created prior to marrying my father. And every time I've ever wanted to purchase something in home decor, kitchen appliances, or anything else that might seem useless to someone who still lives at home, my mom would always say, "Get it! You can add it to your hope chest!"

I blame her for my shopping addiction.

Because of her encouragement, I have been collecting things over the years to take with me for when my Mr. pops the question, and I am so glad that I've done this because not only has my style not changed in the last five years, but I don't anticipate that it will anytime soon.

So for today's post, I thought it would be fun if I outlined all the fun and cute items currently in my Hope Chest and offered some suggestions for what you can put in yours!



-Kitchen Essentials-

In preparation of having your own home where you (or your spouse) will be throwing down in the kitchen every night, a good set of pots and pans is vital. I recently purchased these from GoopxGreenpan and while I live for the color, they actually chip fairly easily which I'm not thrilled about. But GreenPan’s Thermolon coating is made without PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium; it resists damage and never releases harmful fumes, even if you accidentally overheat your pan. So it's good for YOU and the environment.

It's a win-win in my book.

I grabbed these in pink because it's my favorite color, and because I know that once I do get married and move out, I will be doing majority of the cooking. So I deserve to be happy and smiling with my pink pots while I whip up some fabulous meals.

Just kidding lol. In truth, I will more than likely have to find a set that fits our future home's aesthetic a little better and combines both of our tastes' and not just mine.

I've found some that are very cute, affordable, and a great happy medium between the masculine and the feminine!

Of course, you'll also need utensils, plates, cups, etc., but you can add those things to your registry!

click the photos to shop for your Hope Chest!

Next up, is some good old fashioned baking necessities. Of course, I realize that not everyone loves baking or baked goods, but as I am a self-proclaimed "Wife In Training" from the Bree Van De Kamp school of housewifery, I definitely want to know how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie or apple pie.

One of my absolute FAVORITE baking dishes that I purchased this year, is my Harvest Loaf Tin. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that glorious moment when I showcased my gluten free pumpkin loaf that I made using my tin. I won't say this item is an absolute necessity, but one of the things that can set us apart as homemakers, is our ability to find detail, and revel in it.

Would a regular bread pan have worked perfectly for this recipe? Absolutely. But adding that artistic flare is a great way to impress your kids, family and friends with very little effort.

Lucky for you ladies, I found my EXACT tin. But I've linked some others as well. :)

how cute are these? I may need to buy the "cakelette" tin just to be safe.

Even though I tend to place Fall Baking above all else (even Christmas and Holiday baking), it's still important to have other baking essentials, besides a harvest loaf tin, for the rest of your baking calendar year.

There will be birthdays which you'll need the perfect cake tins for, school bake sales (post Covid...we hope), anniversaries, and the good old fashion, "Just because I needed a cookie" type of day.

Here are some of my staples:

Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer aka the most beautiful and wonderful invention. I've had mine since 2015, and this bad boy has seen many a cake and cookie batter in its day. It's durable, beautiful, and maybe my favorite item in my Hope Chest.

CuisineArt Ice Cream Maker. Okay, to be fair, Cain actually bought this one for both of us to enjoy, but seeing as it lives at my house, I'm considering it mine to bring into our future home together. This bad boy has made some amazing ice cream since we impulse bought it over quarantine. And when you think about all the preservatives and nonsense they put into store bought ice cream, it really does make sense to make your own! Ours is in a light blue/mint color and matches well with the KitchenAid. Here's a recipe from Pinterest that makes, and I'm not exaggerating, the best Cookies 'N Cream ice cream you will ever eat.

Electric Tea Kettle. I am a tea drinker, as you all know, so it's vital that I have a good kettle to heat up some water as soon as I get the craving. In fact, I've got some water boiling as I'm writing this right now. I'm all for a stovetop kettle too, and on those days when I want to move at a slower pace I'll use my stovetop. But for everyday, when I've got three videos to shoot, e-mails to write and meals to prep, I need something quick!

Royal Albert Tea Set. Now, I don't actually have this exact tea set and serving combo, but I think it's absolutely imperative to have a beautiful set that you can bring out when you have unexpected visitors, or when a friend stops by for coffee and a chat. I would love this, or really any Royal Albert set. But I am fortunate enough to have snagged an adorable mint and white polka dotted set from an old tea house for my 21st birthday. You'll find it on my Instagram in this picture from my mom and I's "quaran-tea" party. What a time.


I can't quite end the kitchen section without mentioning some of my favorite cookbooks. I will more than likely be taking the beaten up ones that my grandmother passed on to my mother. But I also have a few new ones that I've added to the collection over the years, which I will definitely be bringing with me on my #fexit. "Felicia's Exit". Get it? Okay never mind. Here are my favorite cookbooks!

Other additions for this section could be dish towels, aprons, and oven mitts!



I'll be honest here, I actually don't have linens specifically for my Hope Chest, but I've seen many young women set aside a special set of linens for theirs and I think it's a wonderful idea. Remember, as the woman of the house, you set the tone for the style and energy you want to project. And while I'm a huge fan of a nice kitchen, the bedroom is meant to be your sanctuary.

And the essentials (linens, comforters, etc.), will set that relaxing tone.

I'm partial to white linens and a white comforter in a bedroom as it creates an elegant, hotel-like feel that I love. Many of you have asked about my comforter that you see in my videos and I bought it in person from Bed Bath and Beyond two years ago. So while I don't have a link for that exact one, I'll show you some high quality linens that you can invest in now, and bring to your future home later!



This section has to be the best one because you can really be creative with it! Old teddy bears, blankies, and pictures from your childhood to bring with you as you enter your new home and start your own family.

Not only are these good to have to pass down to your own future children, but it's always fun to reminisce and look back on your own childhood and childhood memories.


Scrapbooking is a great way to do this! And there are adorable pins on Pinterest to give you some great scrapbook ideas!

You can create scrapbooks for each year or each five years, or for different trips that you went on. Anything to remind you of some of the happy and fun adventures you experienced before married life!

-Picture Frames-

You can find some really great vintage or antique picture frames at your local thrift shop or, if you're partial to places like Michael's, Home Goods, Marshall's or TJ Maxx, you'll find some of the cutest frames there to add to your chest.

If you prefer shopping online, Wayfair, Amazon, and Etsy also have some great options as well!


Alright my loves! That's all I have for you in today's post. I honestly could've gone on forever about things to start hoarding for when it's time for you to leave the nest forever. But I'll end it here and wish you luck on your Hope Chest journey!




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