I'm a YouTuber, blogger, actress and pageant girl. I live in the most beautiful place and I am dedicated to curating a life of peace, joy and beauty through homemaking and building community with likeminded women.


I am passionate about helping women and girls in any way that I can, which has been the driving force of almost everything I've done for several years. From being a volunteer dance teacher at The Salvation Army, to starting my after school program for middle school girls, being a dance teacher, camp counselor and so much more. I am passionate about sharing truth for women in my generation and giving traditionally feminine women a place to call home.

I have a love for all things cooking, homemaking, hosting and etiquette, an interest that I assumed I'd grow out of, but has somehow grown even stronger with age. My affinity for "making pretty" as my mom calls it, has only doubled with time.

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you who come across this website and my YouTube channel. Those of you who feel "different" for your interest in all things girly, semi-traditional, and true. I've created The Feminine Fancy for you.