Transitioning To Non-Toxic Beauty

Hello my loves!

If you've been around here ("here" being the virtual Feminine Fancy world) for a while, you know that I have an affinity/bit of an obsession with beauty. Skincare, makeup, and the beauty in the world around us.

Unfortunately, when it comes to many of the products that we use to beautify ourselves and our homes, we're actually, unintentionally lathering on and inhaling toxins that are seriously harmful to our overall health.

As women especially, it's so important that we keep toxins out of our routines as much as possible. Since, as my mother always says, we have a lot of "moving parts." What we put on our body and the toxins we ingest or absorb through lotions, perfumes, body washes, and more, can affect not only us, but the babies we nurse, the spouses who slumber soundly next to us, and anyone else who dwells in our environment.

Once I realized just how many toxic ingredients were in everything from my feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons, to my toothpaste and skincare, I've tried my best to eliminate toxins wherever I can.

Of course, I'm not perfect, and it has been difficult to purge myself of my Bath & Body Works collection of body washes, lotions and their amazing scented candles. But there are some things I've switched over to being all natural and I can honestly say that I feel the positive effect it has had on my body.

So in today's post I want to share some information with you about the insane ingredients that are legally allowed to be in our beauty and feminine products and some of my favorite all natural alternatives.


A few months ago, I made a video called "Hygiene Tips Every Woman Should Know" and in it, I disclosed my personal struggle with my period and menstrual cycle. If you haven't watched that video yet I would seriously suggest it, not because of what I say, but because the comment section is arguably the most uplifting and helpful comment section on any video ever. Feminine hygiene is something that is more widely discussed now, but that we still keep very "hush hush" about in regards to what we all use. I don't know about you, but I don't really talk to my friends about whether or not they use feminine washes...

Because of this somewhat taboo topic, we don't know or find out what's helpful and harmful for a very long time.