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Soft and Glowy Makeup Must Haves

Hello Readers!

In today's video, I chatted briefly about some of the makeup products I've been using that have contributed to my recent "glow up". But I wanted to make a full blog post on the products I've been using and loving for the last few months.

Click below to watch the full video!

As I mentioned in the video, my routines haven't changed that much. I have switched my foundation from my former love, Tarte Amazonian Clay, to my current Too Faced Born This Way Matte foundation in the color Butter Pecan. Unfortunately, Tarte seemed to have change the formula or altered the color a bit so it didn't match my undertone the way it used to.

So when I found the Too Faced foundation, I immediately fell in love. It's the perfect medium between being lightweight, but also providing the coverage that I want. And it has the yellow undertone that I need for my skin tone. It matches almost perfectly and I love it!

The other face product I use is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 concealer in color NC37. They used to make this in a foundation stick, but unfortunately discontinued it!! I liked the stick more than the fluid, but this gets the job done. I just dab a decent amount under each eye to add some brightness and draw attention up to my eyes. As I mentioned in my video, I'm not wearing much bottom liner anymore, but I find that I just don't need as much as I used to think I did. A lighter eye makeup has helped me look more refreshed, relaxed and generally much more "glowy".

When I was in high school, I never thought I could get away with not using bottom liner because of my eye shape. But as I've gotten older, I think I look much better without it! If you're a hardcore bottom liner girl, test out your makeup routine without it and you might love it more than you think!

I discussed my Rare Beauty Mascara in today's video, but I don't know if I emphasized enough just how powerful this stuff is. It's giving length. It's giving thickness.

It's giving everything a mascara should give! Selena and her team really popped off with this one, I have to say.

A few sweeps of it on my lashes and sometimes it looks like I'm wearing falsies, no joke.

There's also an adorable little mini version, which I will also be getting.

Now, let's move on to brows. You guys know I am not a huge brow person. Mostly because my brows always have been and always will be thin little babies. They aren't thick and they don't grow very well. But it's fine by me because any time I see myself with too much eyebrow powder or gel on I genuinely shriek in the mirror. The super fluffy brow is not a look that works well with my face.

I've been in love with the Maybelline Tattoo Studio brow pomade for about a year now. I love it. I don't care if it's giving 2016, I'm not going to stop. I can easily brush on as much or as little as I want. It defines my brows and makes them slightly darker, without looking too intense for my face. Highly recommend.

And finally, blush! I never used to be a blush person. I think I thought that because I have darker skin, that I didn't need the extra color. But boy was I wrong! Blush has changed the game for me. It's given me a brighter, youthful glow and I love it! I'm currently switching back and forth between the MAC Powder Blushes in the colors "Coppertone" and 'Fever".

Coppertone is more of my everyday blush. It's a bit more understated more of a copper/rust sort of color. While Fever is what I break out for date night or going out. It's a deep wine/burgundy color and looks amazing on a night out.

As I said in the video, go to your local MAC store or counter and ask them to match you with a blush that works with your undertone and a lip color that mimics your natural color.

For me, makeup is about enhancing my natural beauty. Not hiding it. So I often look for the best and easiest ways to do my makeup, that will result in that natural glow.

One thing I forgot! Lately, I've been dabbing a little bit of skin oil on the apples of my cheeks to get that sunkissed, dewey look. When you want that, fresh off the beach, sandy hair, been in the sun all day kind of look, this is a great way to achieve it without getting sand in your shoes!


Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you want to read about next!



FTC: This post is not sponsored. The description contains affiliate links, if you click on one of the product links, I receive a small commission. This does not affect the price of your purchase. It simply helps support my channel and blog and allows me to continue to make videos. Thank you for the support!



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