My Favorite Feminine Accessories

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Hello loves!

If you've been watching my channel or reading my blog posts for a while now, you know that I'm not big on accessorizing. I want to be. But I'm not.

I'm not huge on large, statement necklaces, I don't often adorn myself with much more than gold rings, earrings, and the daintiest of diamond necklaces (thank you Cain.)

Occasionally, however, I will include a bold piece of jewelry, a hat or (as of late, a silk scarf) that I absolutely love, to spice up my look.

Not that I'm going anywhere right now.

BUT, when life goes back to "normal" it's one of my goals to up my accessory game.

As for now though, here are some of my favorite feminine and girly accessories.


I'm always mentioning in my videos how sunglasses can make a simple outfit look incredibly chic and fashion forward. These gorgeous pink, tinted sunnies from Sojos are my new favorites. Especially now, with the weather warming up and the sun shining its rays down on us here in California, I'm finding myself needing to whip out my sunglasses more and more.

You can buy this gorgeous pair of pink sunnies HERE. Use code "FEMININE15" for 15% off of your favorite pair!


I know many of you might think that pearls are old and outdated, but I still love them. It could be because my birthstone is a pearl (and yes I'm one of those people who knows what her birthstone is). But I'm also a huge fan of anything that is classic and hasn't yet gone out of style. No matter what way you flip it, pearls just haven't gone out of style.

Whether it's the countless number of pearl-studded shirts we're seeing on Instagram right now, or pearl rings and necklaces, I think we can all agree, that pearls aren't leaving anytime soon.


You'll notice that in my videos I'm usually sporting some dainty, gold rings. I've loved wearing rings for as long as I can remember. (Embarrassing confession: I even had a thing for toe rings at one point. Please don't judge me). Because my skin has a golden undertone to it, I tend to always lean towards gold rings. I've tried wearing rings with a silver band, and it just does not do anything for me. Not to mention, I just prefer the royal look of gold rings and jewelry.

Rings are a simple and easy way to spice up your overall look. They add a little fashion-forward flare, and are genuinely the easiest things in the world to use to accessorize.

For more information on skin tone and undertones, check out my Feminine Fancy Virtual Workbook HERE.


Okay, so I know technically perfume isn't an accessory. But really, there is no better accessory than smelling nice! I don't wear perfumes and body sprays as much as I used to. As I'm still trying to decipher which are okay to use and which are genuinely toxic. But as much as I'd love to give them up for good, my love for "Blooming Bouquet" by Dior will always remain.

It's truly the most elegant, feminine perfume I've ever used. (A huge upgrade from my Bath and Body Works body sprays that I doused myself with throughout college.)

Surprisingly, this amazing scent is on Amazon! I have to say I was genuinely surprised to see such an elegant perfume on the one-stop-shop website, but I'm so, so glad because if you're looking for a fresh and beautiful scent, this is it.

That's it for this post loves! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment your favorite feminine accessories down below! And check out my latest video on How To Upgrade Your Physical Appearance.

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