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My Cozy Winter Morning Routine

Updated: Mar 5

Welcome to March sweet friends! As I've mentioned in a few of my previous posts, I am starting to feel that excitement of Spring creep up ever so slowly. But as I sit here by the fire, the rain pouring outside, I'm reminded yet again that we are, in fact, still in the midst of Winter.

Don't let the Spring themed videos that are popping up in your feed confuse you! It's still Winter y'all. And as I attempt to do every year, let's get everything we can out of these last few weeks of Winter, as we prepare for the brightness and warmth of Spring.

I recently learned more about my astrological placements, and learned how you can tailor some of your routines with your rising sign to feel the best throughout the day. I am a Cancer rising & Scorpio moon, which upon more research completely fits with my temperament, style, and persona.

Cancer risings tend to have a nurturing and caring persona, are highly sensitive, family oriented and have a natural instinct to protect themselves and those they care about. Because of this propensity to nurture, Cancer risings love a cozy morning routine with warm showers, nurturing skincare and a nice hearty breakfast.

I found this to be incredibly accurate, as I spend most of my mornings waking up slowly, turning on the space heater, and taking a lot of time to nurture myself, my environment, and my loved ones in the morning. I'll usually head outside to the garden with a cup of tea in hand to water my flowers, and then make coffee or breakfast for me & my husband.

Learning more about my astrological signs has made some aspects of my personality make a lot more sense to me. It's something I've been having a lot of fun learning about! And there's just something very romantic to me about living life according to how the stars were placed at the moment I was born.

If you're also a lover of a cozy morning routine, try implementing some of these things to start your day with all of the warm and comforting energy.

A Chapter a Day

I try my best to start my day by reaching for whatever book I'm reading, instead of my phone. I implemented this back in the Fall and it's such a calming and cozy way to kick off the day. I don't put any pressure on myself to read a certain amount, I just pick up from where I left off. I love the coziness of reading next to a big window while the morning light trickles in or the rain pitter patters on the roof. This is a great alternative to reaching for the phone, and I love that I get to accomplish my goal of reading every day, right at the beginning of the day.

I'm still reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I'm taking this one very slowly, but I'm loving it so far!

Spa Moment

Once I'm out of bed, I dive into my skincare routine. I've had pretty much the same routine for the last 3 years, so you can check any of my posts about skincare that I have here on the blog. But in a nutshell, I start by rinsing my face with cold water, and double cleansing with my Dermaplus Chamomile Cleanser. A lot of people have said that they don't use cleansers in the morning, they just use cold water, but that doesn't work for me. My skin loves to be cleansed morning and night.

The reason why I do a double cleanse is because a lot of the oils from your hair and skin rub on your face overnight, and I've always felt like the first cleanse cuts the oil, and the second cleanse actually gets into the pores.

Then I'll use my toner, collagen serum, moisturizer and SPF 30. And my skin is ready to go! I never leave the house without using SPF, not even in the Winter.

Depending on how much time I have, I might also use my facial steamer if I'm wanting to feel extra luxurious or if it's a Sunday.

I've never been a morning shower person. I've always showered at night. But I think I might give it a try. The few times I've showered or taken a bath in the morning, it has felt really nice and cozy so that's definitely something to consider if we're going for maximum coziness.

Tea Time

After I get out of bed, it's time for tea. My husband often makes my tea for me and it's just such a lovely way to warm up the boy before dumping a bunch of food in there throughout the day. I don't do super well with caffeine, so I usually opt for a caffeine free tea like rose, mint, or raspberry leaf. I've been starting my day with a cup of tea since I was a child, and I don't intend to stop any time soon!

A Walk in the Garden

Once I have my tea in hand, I'll usually go out into the garden with my robe and uggs on and take a peak at how my flowers are doing. Since it's still Winter, the growth is very slow. But it's still so exciting to see little specs of green popping out of the soil. If it hasn't been raining, I'll take the hose and walk around watering everyone, saying good morning to them and weeding. This is normally a great way to start my morning. Except for yesterday when as I sat planting cottonflower in a raised bed, I was unfortunate enough to witness a crow tearing a mouse to shreds with its mouth right on top of the roof of our house. It was very unpleasant, to say the least. But, that's nature I guess. Normally, this is a very peaceful activity.

Morning Yoga

I like to do some sort of movement in the morning. Either going for a walk, or running on the treadmill. But my favorite has to be my morning yoga routine. I've been doing Yoga With Kassandra since 2021, and she's still my favorite online yoga teacher. She has so many easy classes that all levels can participate in. And her voice is so calming, it makes it that much more enjoyable.

Finally, FOOD

If you're wondering if I really do all of that before eating, the answer is yes. Most mornings I don't wake up that hungry, so I kind of participate in an unintentional intermittent fasting moment. I don't really subscribe to that way of dieting because on the mornings when I wake up ravenous, I will eat as much food as possible without waiting. But generally speaking, it does take some time for my appetite to show up.

When it does, I love to make healthy, warm breakfasts that will give me the energy I need for the day. This could be organic eggs on homemade bread with avocado or salmon, chickpea pancakes (Cain actually makes these for me lol), breakfast potatoes with eggs and black beans, or sometimes just toast and jam. I love easy and quick breakfasts that have a good amount of nutritional value but don't take too much time to make. To make sure I get the greens and fruit I need, I'll often have a smoothie with my breakfast that has fruits, kale, spinach, fiber powder, chia seeds and all the good for you ingredients we need on a daily basis.

I take my supplements with breakfast or just after because if I attempt to take them on an empty stomach or when I haven't had food for awhile, I will get a stomach ache. Every. Single Time.

I'm loving these rainy and cozy mornings so much. And as much as I'm excited for Spring, I am doing my best to soak up the last of Winter. I wrote a post on how to enjoy the last of Winter that you can read here, if you're also trying your best to stay present, and be where your feet are.

Thanks for reading!


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