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How to Enjoy the Last of Winter

Hello Friends!

I'm writing to you today from beautiful Monterey, Ca and the immaculate weather is getting me so excited for Spring. Although I know this is just a fluke and I'm sure we have a few more weeks of rain and chilly weather upon us. Which is reminding me not to get too ahead of myself and fully enjoy the last weeks of Winter.

I try my best to suck the marrow out of each season until the actual day that the season changes. In other words, as much as I want to whip out my bunny themed plates and tea towels in excitement for Spring and the Easter season, I will do my best to fully enjoy Winter for all that it is until the last day. Which is actually coming a few days early this year on March 19th.

Living with the seasons is something that is so important to me. As someone who deals with anxiety, I'm constantly thinking about the past or the future. It takes a lot of effort and intentionality to live fully in the present, and choosing to remain in the season we're in is a powerful way for me to practice that presence.

So let's discuss some of the fun ways to enjoy the last bits of the Winter season.

Winter Baking

The best part about the Winter season is all of the delicious baking that takes place with warm and aromatic spices. Ginger cookies, cinnamon rolls, cranberry orange spiced muffins, the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of these last few weeks and make your favorite sweet treats to close out the colder months.

Here is the best cinnamon roll recipe I've ever made. Make them, and thank me later.

Soups & Stews & Nourishing Foods

This is also a great time to make any soup or stew recipe you've been saving all Winter! I love this time of year for making braised short ribs over a warm bowl of polenta and freshly baked rustic bread or delicious vegetable and bean stews. Since it's still cold and salads don't exactly sound appealing, soups are a great way to pack in some vegetables and make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need.

Brisk Hikes in the Woods

This might be a hot take, but I think hiking in the Winter is pretty elite. Don't get me wrong, the Summer definitely has a lot to offer, but there's something so magical about hiking in a foggy forest with waterfalls and streams rushing because of the rainy Winter months. Nature doesn't completely stop just because it's cold, and something about the cold air hitting your face is so very refreshing.

Arts & Crafts

If there are any indoor crafts or activities you've wanted to try your hand at, now is the time! I started off the year strong with some sewing projects, and swiftly got sidetracked by my gardening endeavors. But I fully intend to get back on track soon! Once the weather gets warmer, many of us would rather spend our days outdoors. So use this time to try out any artistic pursuits you've been secretly wanting to try.

My Pinterest board, I'd Rather Be Home, has all the inspo for homemaking arts and crafts to do this Winter!

*Tip- don't be afraid to fail! Starting something new is always hard, but don't be discouraged by not being a pro right away. In the wise words of Hannah Montana, they say that good things take time.

Here are some crafts to try:

Plan a Spring Trip

Winter is definitely the planning season. As we prepare to welcome warmer weather, this is a great time to start planting seeds both literally and figuratively. We can start prepping for Spring activities and trips from now, which will also give us something to look forward to as we trudge through the last of the cold weather. I have a few trips planned with friends and family for Spring already and I'm so, so excited!

Create a Reading Corner

I tend to read a lot more during the colder months simply because I'm spending more time inside. And I love to create little corners of the home that are dedicated to whatever book I'm reading. Fill it with blankets, moody candles, twinkle lighting and pillows. It's a great space to relax and dive into your latest book.

Remember that each season has something beautiful to offer, and although we may want to sprint towards Spring, let's truly enjoy these last few weeks of Winter.

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