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Feminine vs. Feminist

Recently on social media, I've been seeing a lot of hashtags and posts saying things like #femininenotfeminist or #thefutureisfeminine. And while I can appreciate the desire to return to traditional feminine values, I think it's unfair to group everyone in the feminist movement together and label them as bad or to call them names for wanting or needing to provide for their families.

Many women don't have the choice of staying at home, and have to work for many different reasons. Maybe their spouse is sick, has been laid off, was injured, etc. There are many reasons why women have to work, so to insult or diminish them because of it is cruel and not feminine or ladylike at all.

In my newest video, I'm explaining why it's okay to be feminine AND a feminist. Being a feminist is nothing more than having the belief that men and women are of equal value- at least, that's my definition. I don't believe men and women are exactly the same, nor do I agree with EVERY aspect of the feminist movement.

But I won't name call women who choose to work to provide for their families, nor will I demonize them.

Check out my latest video on this topic and let me know what you think!



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