Feminine Summer Dresses

Ahhh the start of Summer. As you all know, I'm a proud Gemini and I thoroughly enjoy the start of the warmer season. Driving to the beach with my windows down, blasting the newest Ben Rector song (which is a BOP by the way) on my Summer Spotify playlist. Summer is a time that holds so many fun memories for me of being young, experiencing new love, and being the free spirited Gemini that I am.

This Summer is, undoubtedly, different from the others given the current state of the world. Between Covid-19, the uprising of racial tensions, and many people fearing for their lives, there is an overwhelming sense of fear and sadness in the air. But, it is our job, as feminine women, to bring the light and joy that the world so desperately needs right now.

That said, one of the ways we can do this, is through our style, and how we choose to present ourselves. Have you ever worn a dress to the store, and noticed how many compliments you receive? We live in such a "Casual Friday" style world, that it truly brightens people's day, when they see a woman embracing her femininity and bringing joy to the world through style.

In today's post, I'm going to give you some examples of the type of feminine style dresses you should add to your wardrobe this summer.

1) A Floral Dress

Y'all should know by now how I feel about florals. They are my absolute favorite, and they bring light and joy to any outfit you're wearing. A floral dress is perfect for Spring and Summer, as it is a subtle reminder of the season to come, and of the start of new and fresh beginnings.

Floral dresses are perfect for really any summer occasion; a day at the beach, brunch with friends, no matter what activity you're doing they are so feminine and always elicit a lot of compliments!