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Felicia's Favorites: September

Hi Loves!

Can you believe we are in October? This year has seriously flown by. And while I wish I could romantically write all about the change in the weather and the chill in the air, unfortunately, it's still a casual 90 degrees outside everyday.

Pray for me.

But seeing as it's the first week of the new month, it's yet again, time to give you my favorites from last month! We're talking hair, makeup, media, recipes and more! So keep reading and shop some of my September faves!



September was all about beefing up on my fruits and veggies (that's an oxymoron if I've ever seen one), staying gluten free, and finding ways to eat healthy and still enjoy food! It's possible you guys, I promise.

Cain and I had so much fun last month making the most delicious gluten free and dairy free recipes! Here are some of my favorites.

This recipe was AMAZING. It was super easy to make gluten and dairy free by using corn tortillas and this vegan cheese from Whole Foods. Don't write off vegan cheese you guys, it's not as bad as you might think! This brand is also soy and gluten free which is a plus for me!

I have to say, when I saw the views on my latest vlog, I was seriously bummed. I worked so hard on it and wanted y'all to see the fun recipes in there! But alas, it seems as if you're not as interested in my baking as I thought haha. And that's totally okay, it just means that you missed this delicious pumpkin bread recipe! Of course, this can be made non-gluten free too, but for those of you who are trying to be a bit healthier or have a gluten intolerance, this is a perfect Fall recipe. It's packed with spices like clove and nutmeg and makes your kitchen smell absolutely heavenly. If you want to watch me make it in my adorable Fall Harvest Loaf pan then check out my vlog here!

When I saw this recipe on Instagram I knew I had to try it out. I love fried shrimp and I assumed going gluten free meant I wouldn't be able to have that delicious treat anymore! But when I discovered Peyton's Instagram page which is all about balance in what you choose to eat, I discovered this recipe which coats the shrimp in coconut and tapioca flour! It was a total hit with my family and I will definitely make it again.



At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, this hair oil has changed my life. Remember those adorable passion twists I had in the middle of summer? Well they ended up pulling out a significant amount of my hair. Leaving it thin and broken. I was searching everywhere for hair oil and treatments to start getting some of its thickness and life back when I found this magic in a bottle. It's been so helpful in maintaining moisture and detangling after showers without ripping out my hair. I absolutely love it!

Another hair growth must have for me is the Beautiful Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner. Years ago, when I went on a bit of a hair growth journey, this was the ONLY shampoo and conditioner I used and I successfully grew my hair out the longest it's ever been. It smells amazing but is quite difficult to find! I had to go to three different stores to find it when it used to be much easier to get a hold of. If your local CVS or Target doesn't carry it try Wal-Mart, they have literally everything.

As I continue my #hairgrowth journey, I've also been taking these super yummy vitamins to help with strengthening of my hair. These are tasty, and filled with keratin, biotin and other goodies to help with hair growth. While I can't say for sure if it's growing faster or thicker, I can say that I see much less breakage in the month that I've been using it.



This dress became a late summer staple for me, as my main priority when it comes to clothing is usually comfort. Not only is it comfy, but it has this very Anthropologie-esque vibe without the crazy price tag. It comes in several different colors and prints and is perfect for these transition times as we move from Summer to Fall.

While I haven't exactly needed to bring this one out quite yet, I'm 100% ready for it to finally get chilly enough to add this in to my daily rotation. They don't seem to have it in the blush/cream color I have it in anymore, but they do have quite a few color combinations that would work for many different styles! You can see what mine looks like in this video, and shop in the description box or this link!

  • Pretty Much Any Dress From Showpo

Any time someone asked me where a dress I got was from over the last month, I found myself saying the same thing over and over...SHOWPO. They are an adorable brand (I want to say they're Australian but I'll need to fact check that) with the most beautiful, feminine, affordable dresses and I've been wearing them non-stop. The white dress with small black flowers as seen in this vlog is from Showpo, the beautiful blush dress as seen on my Instagram that I wore to celebrate Cain and I's 2 year anniversary was also from Showpo! AND the dresses seen in my "How I Got My Life Together" and "Conversation Mistakes To Avoid" video are both from Showpo!

Basically, Showpo is where it's at.

This dress was my favorite last month :)



If any of you are avid watchers of The Bachelor as I am, you remember bad boy Nick Viall. (Fun Fact: I was almost on his season...that's a story for another day). I started listening to his podcast last month during my daily runs and I absolutely love it. While I don't listen to every episode, I do listen to every "Ask Nick" episode, where he gives relationship advice to callers looking for guidance. I like his honest advice and while I do find him to be *occasionally condescending, he does shoot it straight, which I appreciate.

This girl, you can tell, has a heart of gold and truly lives the Gospel in a way I just don't see other women in the feminine/homemaker community doing. Instead of simply saying racism is a "Jesus problem" she has openly been vulnerable about her position denouncing it while using the Bible to strengthen her argument. Not only do I love that about her, but she also makes the most feel-good, modern yet traditional, heartwarming content I've seen in a while on any social platform. Her videos are beautifully edited, she usually includes some yummy recipe and it's been a treat to watch the process of how she and her husband are building their first home together. It really is just a sweet, sweet channel and she seems like a sweet girl.

I've always kind of known of Julia's blog and Instagram page but it wasn't until last month that I really gained an appreciation for her. Her style, her grace, her elegance it all appears so effortless. And while I know it's probably definitely not effortless at all, I love the beautiful world she creates for her readers. Her page is filled to the brim with beautiful pictures of flowers, her stunning North Carolina home and her adorable baby girl Clementine. Her feminine vibes inspire me so very much and I have bought quite a few items per her suggestion last month.


Alright loves, that's it for this post! Comment down below and tell me what you fell in love with last month!

Also, make sure you check my channel in case you missed any of my recent videos!

Stay lovely sweet friends!





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