A Feminine Approach To The New Year

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As per the usual, I was unsure if I should make this a sit down and chat video or a blog post, but seeing as I already made a video about New Year habits, I decided this would be better suited for the blog. Particularly, for those of you who are still really invested in your femininity journey, as I suspect many of my channel viewers may not be.

As we start fresh in 2021, I wanted to give some suggestions for how we can have a more feminine approach to the New Year. Yes, of course, we can meal plan and exercise more like the rest of the world, but what can we do that will set us apart? How will we be the feminine women that drive men wild and also have it together?

Here are some of the ways that we can have a more feminine approach to the new year, and fully embrace our feminine inclinations.

Comment below which tip is your favorite!


As we enter the New Year, I believe it will be of utmost importance to Marie Kondo everything we can. Go through your old clothes, any old trinkets you might have picked up at Home Goods on a retail therapy shopping excursion, or childhood movies and toys you haven't played with for years, and decide what to keep, donate or throw away. De-cluttering your space helps you to think from a place of clarity. Something that will undoubtedly aid in your femininity as you make decisions that are the best for you and your loved ones.

Right Your Wrongs

None of us are perfect, and as such, there might have been times over the last year when we lost our temper or said something out of turn. As we head into the final days of 2020, we might find it beneficial to apologize to anyone we may have hurt.

If someone is coming to mind as you read this, perhaps send them a text, or an e-mail, taking responsibility for your part in the quarrel, and do your best to right any wrongs. If you want to go a step further in elegance, a hand-written letter sent directly to their home is a very classy way to send an apology.

But I would also love an apology pizza a la "Princess Diaries". If you know you know.

Add Feminine Touches to Your Space

If you read this post, you know that I have many ideas on how to create a feminine sanctuary. While that post had many general ideas, there are very specific ways to add femininity to your space as well. A fresh bouquet of roses on your dinner table, or pastel accents with rugs, couches, or pillows. Femininity is about bringing a softness to the space. Why else would the phrase, "A woman's touch" be in existence? It is because we inherently bring something to a space that men can't bring. We bring a sense of home and peace. We hang framed photos, and invest in beautiful wall decals. We pick lavender in the backyard and use it in our table settings. This is what sets us apart. And this is one way to enhance our femininity in 2021. How will you add a feminine touch to your space in 2021?

Level Up Your Maturity

This tip won't be for everyone. However, I feel that many of us, particularly those of us still in our mid-late 20s, might need to level up our maturity in some ways. We have to transition from Disney Princess to Queen energy. This could include adopting a pet or a plant to take care of, and truly nurturing it, in preparation for a child. Or even just by doing the things we know we have to do, even when we don't want to do it. Like laundry, for instance. Leveling up our maturity means acknowledging that we aren't in high school or college anymore, we're not little girls. We're women. Women who will have our own homes and families some day, and what better time to start practicing and preparing, then now?

Try A New Hairstyle For The First 3 Months

They say you never really know if you like something or not until a few months of trying it out. This could be a hairstyle, a new way of dressing or a different makeup technique. I would challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, shake things up a bit, and try something new in the area of your physical appearance for the first 3 months of the new year. If you absolutely hate it, then you can move on. But if you find that you receive a lot of compliments and attention, it might behoove you to maintain this new look! I'm not suggesting you change who you are, but I am merely offering up the idea that it could be time to freshen things up in 2021.

Pour Into Your Romantic Relationship

This tip is only for my ladies who are married or in committed long term relationships. I've spoken before about how resting in my femininity brings out the masculine side of my partner. And I would suggest that those of you who desire a healthy, life giving and long lasting relationship, put the energy and effort into it that you want to see in return. Send your husband or partner love letters to his office. Make him lunch and pack it away with a special note. Little acts of femininity such as these, encourage your partner to want to please you and be there for you as well. This symbiotic relationship helps both of you be in your natural and authentic roles.

Okay loves! That's it for today's post. I hope you've enjoyed it. Comment below how you plan to have a more feminine approach to the New Year. I love you!



p.s. Check out my New Year video if you haven't already!

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