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5 Things to do Between Christmas and New Year's Eve

Well dear readers, we're two days past Christmas and I don't know about you but these last two days have been a warm and cozy blur. Movie marathons by the fire, long nights in the hot tub and planning/preparing for 2023. Every year, I see so many memes about people not knowing what to do in these weird days after Christmas but before the New Year, and I wanted to share what I'm doing to pass the time and how I'm preparing for 2023.

Create Your 2023 Vision Board

I haven't made a vision board in SUCH a long time. But last night, while watching the first Knives Out movie on Amazon Prime, I decided to open up Canva and get to work on my vision board for the New Year. It was so fun and inspiring to start dreaming up ideas for what I want to accomplish, how I want to feel, where I want to live and so much more. It's a great way to tap into your creative side, and it also creates a visual for understanding your personal style. Upon finishing up my vision board, I could clearly see what my creative style is and that will guide me with my content creation for the remainder of the year.

Have a Movie Marathon

Starting on Christmas Day, Cain and I began watching some of my favorite movies and discovering new ones! This weird in between time while we wait for the New Year is a wonderful opportunity to chill, relax and lounge on the couch in front of the fire. On Christmas Day we watched A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby &The Greatest Showman. Yesterday we started with my all-time favorite movie A Little Princess, which we both ugly cried in. But I mean can you blame us? That ending gets me every time. Then we moved on to Knives Out. We had gone on a long hike with some friends earlier in the day and they were discussing the first movie vs. the second one. So we took it upon ourselves to watch both. And while the first installment of the Knives Out series was completely worth the hype, Glass Onion left me asleep and left Cain...annoyed. Definitely not as great as the first one. Today we have plans to watch The Holiday and other Christmas classics since the season is not yet over!

Organize Your Space

If you're needing something to do before the New Year arrives, consider doing a deep clean and organizing your space. Growing up, my mom always made us clean our rooms from top to bottom on Dec. 31, so the New Year would find our space tidy and we would carry that energy with us throughout the year.

We'll be doing a deep clean in a few days, getting rid of things and taking some items to local thrift stores and Goodwill as a way to start the New Year without bringing last year's baggage into it.

23 Goals for 2023

While on our hike yesterday, my friend noted that in 2020 she made a "20 Goals for 2020" list for herself which she didn't get to complete due to the pandemic. So we decided that this year, we're going to work on 23 Goals for 2023! These goals can be anything you want but I'm dividing them up between health, career, love, & personal goals. Some of my health goals include getting my body to work at optimal levels so I can feel the best in my body on a daily basis. I have goals around what I want to accomplish with The Feminine Fancy and my personal goals include things I want to incorporate more into my daily life. Such as, reading one book every month. While I'm not expecting myself to accomplish all 23 goals (though that would be awesome), it's nice to have an idea of what I want my year to look like.

Reflect & Renew

Going on a 3 hour hike yesterday was a wonderfully rejuvenating way to spend the day after Christmas. Smelling the fresh air, feeling the dew on our skin from the misty fog and reaching the peak of the hike to see a beautiful waterfall was a great metaphor for life and for the New Year. There were times during the hike that I was truly terrified, but we pressed on and saw the most beautiful sights. It was challenging but so worth it.

I say it all the time, but spending time in nature is an amazing way to renew your body, mind and spirit. And during this time, getting out into nature is a great way to get clarity on how you want to feel and who you want to be in the New Year.


That's it friends! I hope you enjoyed this post. And I hope you find ways to entertain yourself during this weird post Christmas, pre- New Year's time period.



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Unknown member
Dec 31, 2022

You made me realise I so need to clean and declutter my room. I'll also be checking my new years resolutions that I made for 2022 and seeing to what extent I achieved them and if not, why not.

Happy New Year Felicia!


Just a California girl who believes in a good cup of tea, a fresh bouquet of peonies, page turning novels & romanticizing everyday life.

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