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Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

The last wedding I attended was my best friend Kelsey's in September of 2019, of which I was the Maid of Honor. It was a stunning showcase of love set atop a mountain in beautiful Lake Tahoe. This mountain was so tall in fact, all the guests had to take an air tram to get to the ceremony (see photo below).

Even though it was technically still Summer, the very chilly Lake Tahoe temperature on that day certainly did not reflect that. And I remember wishing I had brought a coat of some kind to wear once the ceremony had concluded. Luckily, the very nice bar tender kept my glass full with free drinks throughout the evening, once he found out I had lived in Tahoe for one summer and was therefore, "one of them". And let me tell ya, liquid blankets are a real thing, y'all.

With my own wedding planning underway, I've got all things bridal on the brain. So I wanted to share some of my favorite dress styles for gatherings set in colder weather. This way, you won't end up like me...frigid, unprepared, and telling your life story to a Lake Tahoe bartender.


I love this ASOS piece because while the design is simple and elegant, the color is a standout.

Ignore the fact that they styled this model with the last two buttons unbuttoned, add black sheer tights and booties and this velvet piece is perfect for colder weather.

This faux-fur trim shawl is a wonderful alternative to the very bulky and not. very attractive Winter coat. It's the perfect elegance for a wedding, while also being functional.


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