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Winter Favorites | Podcasts, Recipes & Channels

Updated: Feb 12

We are in the thick of Winter my loves. And to get through it, I've compiled some of my favorite podcasts, recipes & YouTube channels to enjoy during the cold weather season. This will be a three part series, and in the next post, I'll list my favorite beauty and wellness products, and finally, my favorite home decor and garden supplies.




The Madelyn Moon Show

This is my absolute favorite podcast lately. Madelyn Moon's show is all about inviting love into your life and being creative in the ways you do that. Her ideas around being an artist of love resonate with me so deeply and inspire me to be more creative in showing love to my partner. She interviews inspiring men and women and has a forceful energy that always keeps me coming back!

The Girlfriends

From the website: It’s 1995 and Carole Fisher is a high-flying divorcee looking for love in Las Vegas. It’s slim pickings in the medical community she works in. But then Bob comes to town. Bob Bierenbaum is a plastic surgeon who flies planes and speaks several languages. Her mom loves that he’s Jewish - but there’s something off about him. He’s perfect on paper but he’s quick to anger and he never talks about his ex-wife. Who, it turns out, is missing and presumed dead.

After Carole and Bob break up she tells her friend Mindy all about Bob’s wife and his bizarre behavior. You see, Mindy dated Bob too, in fact a lot of women in Vegas dated Bob and they all have their own strange stories to tell. Before too long they form a club dedicated to bitching about Bob, eating noodles and figuring out what happened to his wife, Gail.

In this riveting nine part series, Carole Fisher uncovers the truth of Gail Katz’s death, the systems that failed her and all the girlfriends that brought her justice.


This podcast tells the story of Amanda Reilly who scammed an entire community by tricking everyone into thinking she had terminal cancer. It was interesting to hear how she did it and what the ramifications of her actions were.

The Moth

The Moth has been one of my favorite podcasts for awhile because it's not your typical podcast format. As opposed to a host or two sitting down and talking about a specific topic, people from around the world are recorded telling their stories at live The Moth events. The stories range from heartwarming to hilarious and I love putting it on when going on long drives.


I made these mini quiches for my Christmas Cookie decorating party, and they were a HIT. Even people who said they don't like quiche were raving about them. It was a super easy recipe and though I used them for party appetizers, I'm sure you could make them on meal prep days as a make ahead breakfast.

A delicious and heart warming stew that is packed with good ingredients! I've made this once this season and it was delicious.

A go to recipe since I was a freshman in college! It's definitely on the hearty side, so it's perfect for a dinner party with friends where everyone can share.

These cinnamon rolls are advertised as the greatest in the world and it's absolutely true. I've made quite a few cinnamon roll recipes in my day and NONE taste as bakery style and decadent as these. If you make one treat this Winter, let it be these.

The best and easiest bread recipe to eat with all of the cozy soups! I've been making this recipe at least once a week and it's been such a hit with family and friends.

Another easy soup recipe! I love squash this time of year, and it's so hearty and delicious. This one tastes exactly like Panera's but is vegan friendly and quick to make.

YouTube Channels:

Lately, I'm far more interested in watching channels that exude feminine energy, as opposed to channels that just tell you how to be feminine. These channels inspire me to be more creative, crafty, & elegant. Or they just make me laugh!

That's it loves! Stay tuned for my next posts in this series!



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