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What to Wear to the Ballet

December is here! Which means it's officially Nutcracker season.

Going to the San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker is something I look forward to every year. The stage, the lights, the elegance of the dancers, the production of it all! Whether I'm going to a local dance studio's rendition or seeing professional dancers perform, I'm just as excited either way.

But one thing I always notice is the wide variety of attire in the audience. You've got everything from ball gowns to jeans and I'd like to set the record straight here and now, you dress up to go to the ballet.

I can't be the only one who watched the infamous Gossip Girl episode where they all attended the opening night of the Ballet and got rid of Juliet once and for all. The girls were D R E S S E D.

While I know that Gossip Girl is just a tv show, I think we can all agree that the styling and fashion in that show is an idealized version of how many of us would like to dress on a daily basis. And there are many fashion and life lessons to be learned from the steps of the Met.

One being, always dress for the occasion.

As a dancer myself, I have a huge respect for the arts and for the artists who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft. And I look at dressing up for the Ballet or the Opera, as a way to showcase my respect for them.

You don't have to wear your finest ball gown, but a cocktail dress with tights, an elegant coat, even pants with heels and a nice blouse will work!

Here are some examples of outfits that would be perfectly suited for a night at the Ballet.



In case you don't get to go see the Nutcracker this year, here is the full show which was posted to YouTube! Cozy up by the fire and play this on your tv for the most memorable holiday vibes.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below if you'll be heading to the Ballet to see the Nutcracker this year!



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