Things That Have Been Keeping Me Sane

Hello Friends.

We are living in some crazy and trying times right now. Death, sickness, poverty, anxiety and fear seem to have taken over every area of our very existence. You can't turn on the news without hearing about the coronavirus, or head to social media without getting an unwarranted death toll update.

I'm not trying to be insensitive, I understand that this is a serious problem that we need to face together as a nation and as a world.

But, if I'm being honest, I miss the simple luxury of going inside of a Starbucks for my Iced Chai Latte with two pumps of pumpkin spice, and sitting down with a good book. Or not even that! I miss being able to visit my friends.

I know how privileged that sounds, but to be honest, I never quite realized how privileged I was, until now.

As I sit here typing this in my parents' backyard next to the pool and hot tub, basking in the warm California sun, the sound of wind chimes quietly providing background music, I'm becoming more aware of just how fortunate I was in the birth lottery.

But no matter who you are or where you come from, we're in a difficult time, regardless.

I wanted to share with you some things that have been bringing me comfort and joy during all of this insanity. Things that have given me more peace than I've had in a while, ironically. And hopefully, they can bring you some as well.

1) Geranium Rose Oil

I have been LOVING Geranium Rose oil these days. I've been searching for ways to be feminine without using products that are damaging to my health or to the environment, and as such, have stopped using perfumes as frequently. I went to my local health store and tested a few essential oils to use in place of perfumes and fell absolutely in love with the smell of Geranium Rose. It's a beautiful floral, earthy smell that I dab on my ears just before bed as a part of my nightly routine and I feel so luxurious. It almost makes me feel like Cleopatra or other Egyptian royalty, which I love because Prince of Egypt is now, and always will be, one of my very favorite movies. Not only that, but Cain absolutely looooves when I wear this. I've done some research and apparently the scent is very appealing to men. Which makes me happy because I love when he says I smell nice!

2) Worship Music

I'll be honest, it's been a while since I've rocked out to some good old fashioned Christian Rock and now I'm regretting ignoring this genre for so long. I heard a song by Lauren Daigle the other day called "Peace Be Still" and it was absolutely beautiful and so soothing. It was such a beautiful reminder to be still and have faith. Seriously, put this on full blast while baking or journaling, and it will bring you so much peace.

3) Walks

Going for walks has not only exposed me to some much needed Vitamin D, but has also given me some space from, what can feel like, a very small living space with very BIG personalities. I've always loved spending time in nature, but I'm appreciating it even more now. From the gorgeous cartoon-like formations of the clouds, to the terrifyingly beautiful beehives that seem to be popping up EVERYWHERE. I'm grateful for the outdoors and for connecting with the earth more now than ever before.

4) Cain.

Don't get me wrong, he drives me nuts sometimes. But having him here to make me laugh, watch movies with, and really just be a positive energy, is really helpful. Cain's been staying with us (in a separate room of course) during the quarantine, and it's made me really appreciative of our relationship. I once read something that said to be with someone who laughs at the same things as you. And when we're sitting on the couch watching Netflix cracking up at the same jokes, I'm reminded of that sage advice. I love being with someone who I share the same sense of humor with. Someone who gets my humor and who isn't afraid to be just as sassy to me as I am to him. I'm thankful for him, and our laughter in these times. I know not everyone has a Cain, but you can substitute any loved one in your life who you like to enjoy a good laugh with.

5) The Good Place on Netflix

You guys. THIS SHOW. I started watching it three years ago when I was living in LA. I was a lonely, aspiring actress, in a new city, where I didn't know anyone. This show gave me so much comfort, but I never made it past the second season! Being indoors, I decided to give it another go and watch it with Cain. And let me tell you, I'm SO glad I did. Laughter is truly the best medicine and this show has us crying from laughter almost every episode. Kristen Bell is one of my favorite actresses and the rest of the cast is so unbelievably talented. It really is a great show to take in if you're wanting to escape for a while and just experience some pure joy. Also, the woman who plays Janet is from a city very close to mine so I feel like I know her lol.

Well loves, I hope that some of these things will bring you comfort, too. Please know that I'm praying for all of you, your families, and your ultimate well-being. We WILL get through this, and come out stronger on the other side.

Peace be with you



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