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Spring Homemaking Checklist

Hello! And welcome back to the blog dear readers.

Today, we are going to fully embrace all that is Spring, and dive head first into infusing signs of Spring around the home. Over the years, I've ignored Spring as a season and as a concept almost entirely. I've only started to truly enjoy and respect it in recent history.

The weather has been warming up, (with the exception of a few random days of rain this week), flowers have been blooming like crazy here in California, and the critters that hid themselves away for Winter have been making their appearance known. I'm talking to you, gophers.

I like the idea of making checklists at the beginning of the season, so it doesn't slip away before you have a chance to enjoy it. Time moves so quickly and it's easy to get bogged down with the day to day tasks of life, and never get to enjoy the season for all that it has to offer.

Here's a list of ideas to get you inspired and ready to celebrate the excitement of Spring!


Plant Flowers

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my various adventures in gardening. And none have been more exciting than growing my stunning tulips this year. It started off a little rough, and I wasn't sure that they'd sprout and bloom. But after months and months of rain, they grew into the most stunning flowers I've ever seen. And even though tulips only last for a few weeks every year, they've brought me so much joy in such a short amount of time.

There are so many variations of flowers that you can plant in Spring. Zinnias, Sunflowers, Snapdragons, Pansies, Tulips and so many more. The weather is prime for growing and the payoff is so worth the hard work you'll put in.

Make A Spring Simmer Pot

You know I love a simmer pot. It's a fun, natural way to create something beautiful and infuse your home with a delicious smell. You can get so fun and creative with this! Use lemons, grapefruit and blood oranges for a citrus scent or use roses and dried lavender herbs for a floral scent.

I had so much fun making this Spring simmer pot simply by looking at what was growing in our yard. I found roses, sage flowers & lavender and created something incredibly beautiful. To see me make it and get the recipe, click here :).

Pretty & Pink Drinks Please 🌸 🌸 🌸

You never know how many different kinds of lemonade you can make until you log on to Pinterest. And don't get me wrong, I love traditional lemonade as much as the next person. But how can you compete

when you've got pink lemonade and lavender lemonade on the table? Whatever you choose, this is the perfect time for pretty drinks enjoyed in the sun.

photo courtesy of Merze lifestyle blog

Start A New Springy Show

There are some shows that just have the feeling of Spring and Summer down to a T. Shows that make you nostalgic for childhood and that feel so good and comforting. My favorite Spring feeling show is Hart of Dixie! Southern comfort, warm weather vibes, romance and so much fun.

Bake Lemon Bars (or anything lemon tbh) 🍋

If your social media feeds look anything like mine, you're seeing a whole lot of lemony treats being made. Lemon bars, lemon cheesecake, lemon cookies, the lemon craze has gotten out of control! Spring is a bit weird when it comes to fruit options for baking. We're not quite in summer, so we don't have the benefit of having flavorful berries at our disposal. But the hearty figs and persimmons are out of season! In walks the lemon to solve all of our problems, and man have we run with it. Luckily, lemon squares happen to be one of my favorite desserts.

Head to the Drive in Movies

I know this is traditionally a summer activity, but we're in May now which is basically summer if you ask me. I don't know why it feels so aggressively nostalgic to go to a drive-in movie, but it's one of those activities that make you forget about the stress and woes of your life if for only a few hours. Setting up camp in the back of your car with a loved one or a friend, bringing as much junk food and popcorn as humanly possible, and escaping into a film for 90 minutes is the perfect warm weather activity.

Take A Spring Vacation

It is my belief that a great way to stay at peace in life, is to take frequent small vacations. They don't have to be elaborate, you don't have to go to Tahiti. But you can go on a drive and stay by the sea for a weekend, or camp under the stars. Options widen quite a bit when Spring shows up, and it's a wonderful opportunity to take some time to relax and refresh.

Throw A Garden Party

What better way to celebrate the season than with a party?! Ask your friends to come bearing a dish or plan and execute the menu yourself! As long as you have dinner under the soft pink lighting of a Spring sunset. It's not often that we get the opportunity to gather anymore. Take the initiative to be the friend who gets everyone together and creates lasting memories for everyone.

Try Cooking A New Dish

Things can get a little stale in the kitchen if we're not actively incorporating new recipes into our weekly rotation. This is why I started adding a "Recipe of the Week" to the homepage of this blog! It can be hard to remain inspired when you have easy and quick go to meals. Spring is the time for delicious, fresh and crisp salads that will keep you full, but not make you feel heavy like the soups and stews of Fall and Winter. Head to my Pinterest to check out the saved recipes I want to try!

Spring Clean Your Life

I recently had a good time going through who I was following on Instagram and doing a huge clean out. It's not that I have anything against certain creators that I used to follow, I just felt that I wasn't seeing content from the creators that I actually wanted to see, because my feed was congested with a bunch of random content. I have more cleaning up to do in that department, but I'm already happier with how I've curated it.

And of course, Spring cleaning your space is just as important. This is the season to get rid of clutter, dust down the windows, mop the floors, and get rid of anything you feel is weighing you down or holding you back. This could be old clothes, paperwork that needs to be dealt with, mail you've been avoiding, or random knick knacks that you notice have been piling up in that one drawer you refuse to open. Put on your headphones and a great podcast and get to work Spring cleaning your space! Summer you will be glad you did.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to while cleaning:


I hope your Spring has been wonderful so far and that this list has given you some inspiration for how to slow down and enjoy the season. To watch my Spring Homemaking vlog, click here! We're making that simmer pot I talked about earlier and trying out some new recipes!

Thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment below letting me know what you plan on doing to make this Spring a memorable one!





Just a California girl who believes in a good cup of tea, a fresh bouquet of peonies, page turning novels & romanticizing everyday life.

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