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Romanticizing Winter When it Feels Never-Ending

Hello Dears!

I hope you're staying cozy and warm amidst this insane Winter weather we're having. Here in California, it's been non-stop rain for about a week and a half. I can't say I love it, but I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying it. Last night, I ran a hot bath with epsom salts I picked up on our trip Big Sur last March, and soaked in the warm water while listening to the rain pitter patter outside.

I'm enjoying moments like that, as I know the rain is ever fleeting and soon we will be back to our sunny norm.

I've been known to eagerly await the next season while the current one slows to a halt. But this year, I'm doing my best to soak up all of the cold, cozy nights with my loved ones. In truth, rain is a bit of a treat here. We don't usually get this much in the Winter months. Which is unfortunately wreaking havoc on a lot of our roads and infrastructure. But there is something nice about waking up in the middle of the night to hear the light tip tapping of water on the windowsill.

And while I am getting so incredibly excited for Spring and Summer, here are some ways I'm trying to romanticize Winter, instead of wishing away its presence.


  1. Read a romance novel by the fireplace.

  2. Bundle up and go for a walk in the woods.

  3. Bake a seasonal treat. (Follow me on Pinterest to see what's on my Sweet Treats board!)

  4. Watch a movie you've never seen before.

  5. Start a new tv series.

  6. Make your own hot cocoa recipe.

  7. Try a new makeup look.

  8. Take a warm bubble bath.

  9. Binge watch Hallmark movies.

  10. Host a dinner party.

  11. Go thrifting for a new scarf.

  12. Try a new restaurant.

  13. Set up a movie fort in the living room.

  14. Create a Winter flower arrangement.

  15. Take a trip to the snow.

  16. Bake cinnamon rolls.

  17. Do a hot oil treatment on your hair.

  18. Light candles when the sun begins to set.

  19. Make a slow cooker soup recipe.

  20. Facetime with a friend who lives far away.

  21. Write a short story.

  22. Decorate your home with natural Winter elements (pine cones, branches, etc.)

  23. Have tea at a local hotel.

  24. Pick up Winter veggies at the Farmer's Market.

  25. Mail a handwritten letter to a friend or loved one.


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