My Favorite Stores for Feminine Clothing

If there's one question I get asked more than anything it's, " Where do you shop!?" I answered the question to the best of my ability in my Q&A video, but even still, I continue to get inquiries about where I shop and how I curated my personal style.

I will be diving into this in a video soon, but for now I wanted to list out some of my absolute favorite places to shop, and leave you with a little fashion and style inspiration!



I have sung Nuuly's praises countless times over the last few years. It's a subscription clothing rental service and they have high quality, gorgeous pieces that you rent for a month and send back! So many of my dresses were initially rentals from Nuuly that I liked enough to purchase. I love this system because I get to try out a piece for a while before deciding if it's actually worth the purchase. Sometimes I fall madly in love with an item that I have to add to my wardrobe, and other times, I send the entire package back without keeping anything. But I love absolutely love the variety, and they have some beautiful feminine pieces for all seasons.


Anthropologie gets it right when it comes to so many things; home decor, kitchen essentials, candles, and of course, clothing. Everything in the store has a whimsical yet modern touch that simply can not be replicated and their clothing emanates a similar feeling. Their dresses definitely appeal to the wild feminine in me and make me feel like running through a field somewhere. They do modern and sophisticated, yet feminine, incredibly well.


I don't know if I've just been living under a rock, but I didn't know Aritzia even existed until about two months ago. It's one of those stores that is completely unassuming with their focus being basics, but there are so many gems if you look closely enough. I walked into the Aritzia in my downtown area not long ago for the first time, and everything fit me perfectly, which is never easy to find. They've got the relaxed, cool girl vibes down to a T.


Generally speaking, I only shop the ShopBop sale section because I'm always on the hunt for a deal. Especially when it comes to clothing. Shopbop is one of my favorite places to find those long, effortlessly feminine flowing dresses. They've got a variety of brands to shop from, which makes it fun to learn the different styles of different designers, and figure out which designer fits you the best. Unlike other websites where the sale section is a bunch of castaways that no one wanted, the Shopbop sale section gives exactly what it needs to. You can find some amazing pieces on sale and not just the throwaways from last season.


Raise your hand if you were a brown girl too scared to go into Abercrombie & Fitch as a middle schooler....(if you know you know). Abercrombie was kind of like the Brandy Melville of the early 2000s, incredibly exclusionary. And they've faced their fair share of controversy because of it. However, they seem to have veered in a new direction and retired the "All American" teen image for a much more chilled, relaxed version of youthfulness. I happen to have recently purchased the best dress I've ever put on my body from Abercrombie, (linked below), and if the rest of their dresses fit like this one does on me, I will be buying more.


Some of my favorite dresses and sets from the last year have been from Reformation. Not only do they have eco-friendly practices, but their dresses are truly superior in so many areas. Fit, designs and fabric, to name a few. I like to give Reformation the title of Modern Day Bridgerton vibes. Because they do such a beautiful job of incorporating florals in a way that's sexy, enticing, and oh so feminine, while still somehow being incredibly classic. They're the perfect place to shop for a wedding guest dress or any semi-formal event. And remember, you're paying for quality and Earth-friendly practices, hence, the price tag. Every so often, they'll open up a sale page, and have some great sale options as well. Just keep your eyes peeled because they take it down almost as soon as they put it up!

some of my current picks at Reformation


In the name of better shopping practices, I try to do as much second-hand shopping as I can. Depop has an incredibly large database of clothing. Every minute, someone around the world is uploading an item of clothing to sell that could find its next home in your closet. I always check Depop first when I'm looking for specific items like coats and sweaters. I've found that I can generally find the cottagecore/grandma style sweaters I'm looking for more easily when they're second hand, and for such a good price. Never ever discount thrift shopping or second hand shopping!


Most often, I buy things from my Nuuly rental, so there aren't too many other places that I shop. Sometimes I go rogue and start buying things from random places online, but I've learned to stick with what I know works for me. It's fun to experiment, but it's hard to find quality and a good fit!

I hope this post was helpful. Happy shopping!