How To RECEIVE As a Feminine Woman

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As women, we are natural born receivers. And yet, for many women, the mere concept of receiving or allowing a man to be who he is designed to be, is unfathomable.

We have been taught for so long that we have to do things on our own, succeed on our own, be leery of men, and give ourselves what we can't get from our partners.

I'm here to tell you, that when you exist fully in your feminine energy, you will open yourself up to be the most receptive woman that you can be. You will allow your spouse, your boyfriend, or partner to exist fully in their masculine energy. You will find that he finds true joy in doing things for you, in helping you, and in bringing a sense of ease and relaxation to your life.

Learning how to receive is a process, though. One that takes time, patience and practice. It involves identifying deep traumas that have prevented you from fully expressing your femininity in the way that you desire.

In today's post, I'm sharing with you a FEW tips on how to start the process of opening yourself up to the world around you.

Here are 3 ways that you can practice receiving in different areas of your life

1) Accept Help When Offered.

This is a difficult one for many of us, but it is an important lesson to learn. As feminine women, we have to begin to realize that we don't have to do it all. We don't have to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Why is it so hard to accept help when it's offered? Why are we so intent on doing everything ourselves? That only continues to harden our hearts to those who want to help make life more enjoyable for us. If a man holds the door open, walk through it and say thank you. If your partner offers to cook dinner or clean the dishes, don't jump in to "do it the right way", allow him to complete the task in his way, in his time. The more you insist on doing absolutely everything, the more you will feel overworked, exhausted, and hardened. The more you allow others to help, to assist, and to give, the more you will be able to relax into your feminine energy.

2) Be A Giver In Different Areas of Your Life

The Law of Attraction, Karma, and many other belief practices tell us that the energy and thoughts we put out into the world, is what the world will give back to us. That said, if we cultivate within ourselves, a giving heart, we will be more willing and able to accept when others want to give to us. Before you disagree with me, having a giving

heart doesn't mean giving of yourself until YOUR well runs dry. After all, you can not give from an empty tank. Rather, it means, giving to those who are less fortunate than you. Caring about those who are marginalized, who are less privileged, who are less fortunate. Having a giving heart means giving back to your community, and giving the best version of yourself to your family and those around you.

3) Nurture a Gracious Heart

One of the reasons we might find it difficult to receive, is for lack of gratitude. After all, if we're not truly grateful for the little things in life, how will we be grateful for the big things? My mom has always said, that God wants to see how we handle little gifts and little blessings, before He grants us with more. The little acts of kindness that those around us want to show, can only be truly appreciated if we have gratitude. Are you genuinely grateful for the man in your life? Are you grateful for his efforts to please you, make you happy and be a blessing to you? Ask yourself that question. We can nurture a gracious heart by keeping a gratitude journal. Write down three things every morning or evening that you're truly grateful for.

You can hear more about this in my video How to Be Feminine in Your Relationships! Have you seen it already?

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this post, drop a comment below letting me know how you have learned to receive in your life and relationships!

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