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10 Things I'm Loving Lately

Spring has sprung and there are so many things that I have been loving in this new season! New music, shows, fashion trends and so much more. I wanted to share with you everything that I've been enjoying and what's been helping to make this Spring season that much more magical.


All of the albums

I don't know what it is about 2024 but the music girlies did not come to PLAY. There is so much good music right now that I just can't get enough of. I have Beyonce, Maggie Rogers and Ariana Grande on constant repeat in my car.

Beyonce's album "Cowboy Carter" is such an artistic masterpiece I get chills from listening. I'm not one to sit through an entire album, but I wanted to hear every last song on this album and it did not disappoint. The collabs were so unexpected yet every single one works so masterfully. "Most Wanted" featuring Miley Cyrus has to be my favorite song off of the album and if it doesn't win song of the year, I'm rioting.

Indie pop/rock girlie Maggie Rogers' album "Don't Forget Me" is also one I can not stop listening to. There's something so incredibly nostalgic about it and listening to it truly feels like driving through the woods or along the beach, windows rolled down, with your best friends or your lover in the passenger side. She captures so much of the essence of love, heartbreak and somehow makes it feel like we're back in 2015 and everything is okay again. My personal favorites are "The Kill", "If Now Was Then" and "Don't Forget Me.

The words that come to mind when I listen to Ariana Grande's album "Eternal Sunshine" are ethereal and transcendent. Her voice is so uniquely beautiful and I feel like this album gave us a glimpse into her perception of her life - whether or not you agree with her choices. I think at this point she deserves the title of OG pop girlie, and she gives us what we need and are looking for every time. I also love how seamlessly she merges her love for R&B with her pop sound, giving us those soulful notes in some songs and radiot hits in others. "We Can't Be Friends" is one of my favorites, but I blast "Boy Bye" at least once a week.

Honorable mention goes to Sabrina Carpenter. Even though she hasn't come out with a new album this year, "Espresso" is truly the song of the Summer and I love how she's slowly solidifying her pop princess era. A lot of people say that they believe Taylor Swift chose her to be her opener on tour instead of Olivia Rodrigo because she isn't competition in the same way, but I actually think Sabrina will come off of this tour giving Taylor a run for her money.

Djerf Avenue

Matilda Djerf has been one of my style icons for about a year now - along with the rest of the world. And her brand Djerf Avenue just knows how to do unique, Scandi style, right. Last year I purchased the Summer Berries robe and liked it a lot, but I bought the size M-L, when I should have bought XS-S. This made it difficult to do things while wearing the robe because the sleeves were always getting in the way. This year, I decided to purchase the Fruit robe because I grew to love the color and the design after awhile. I LOVE it so much more than the Summer Berries robe. I bought it in the correct size and I just love wearing it so much. It's cozy, it's such a cute print, and it makes getting ready in the morning so much more fun. Every day I consider adding a new Djerf Avenue piece to my collection and I actively have to remind myself not to.


If you read my post, "Healthy Girl Habits for Spring", you already know that I've fallen in love with my Piglet in Bed Gingham bedding. But I am loving gingham for so much more than just bedding in this season. Tablecloths, tops, dresses, even as a print for shoes. It's just the perfect pattern for the Spring season. It's fun, classic and oh so cute!

My Patreon

Okay, shameless plug here, but I'm also really loving my Patreon. Ever since leaving YouTube, I've been searching for the best ways to express my creativity and Patreon gives me the best platform to do so. I get to make videos about homemaking, relationships, and other topics about womanhood, without the pressure of having thousands of eyeballs on me. It feels safer, more controlled and so supportive. In my Patreon community, we are constantly uplifting each other, helping each other out, and sharing recipes, homemaking tips, and so much more. I love knowing that the people there are there because they genuinely like the content, enjoy my energy, and want a place to discuss certain topics without fear of judgement.

If you are interested in joining the Patreon, click here and become a part of our little corner of the internet!

Flower Farmstands

Spring is synonymous with birth, renewal, and growth - which means the flowers are so abundant! The flower shops are of course, overflowing with all of the seasonal blooms, but flower farmstands are such a fun way to enjoy the season. We stumbled upon a flower farmstand the other day that was set up by a local farm. It was so cute and easy to navigate. The coolest part was that it was all based on the honor system! No one was manning the farmstand. The just had their flowers, signs, and their Venmo information for us to purchase. I love seeing things like that because it reminds me that people do still have such faith in humanity, and there are still good people in the world.

Large Collars

Another hyperfixation of mine right now is the large collar look which seems to be very popular in Europe right now. Damson Madder is one brand whose unique designs and fun large collars have caught my eye, and I'm currently trying to figure out how to style thir pieces. It's always fun to try new style trends and find ways to make it your own.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs

My husband and I have been going on weekend getaways to the woods for awhile now, and a recent addition to our stay of choice, is wood burning hot tubs. I had no idea this was even a thing but I love them so very much. They're such a romantic way to end the evening and the crackling of burning wood with the outdoor ambiance is such a vibe.


As the weather has been warming up, I've been breaking out some of my favorite nightgowns to sleep in. Slowly but surely we're moving away from the flannel pjs of Winter time and into the silky, breezy linen and cotton nighties of Spring. I have the Fruit nightdress from Djerf Avenue and I absolutely love it. It's perfect for the season and is the softest fabric you can dream of. But I've got my eye on a few others as well that I can't wait to add to the nighttime rotation.

When I tell you I made this smoothie recipe at least 4 times last week, I'm not joking. I have become obsessed with the combination of peanut butter, bananas, and strawberries together in a smoothie and I don't know why I didn't consider it sooner. I love to add hemp seeds for extra protein, chia seeds for...whatver chia seeds are good for, and some fiber powder to aid in digestion and it is so delicious. It's the perfect way to start my day and make sure I'm getting a good helping of fruits in my diet!

Taking Pictures With My Digital Camera

On a recent trip away, I decided to use my digital camera to take pictures instead of my phone - just to see if I would like the pictures more. And boy do I! In the past, I used this camera for vlogging purposes only, so I never realized how beautifully it captures photos. Everything is so crip and clear but with a certain haze that almost makes the images look vintage. I still snap photos with my phone as well, but something about those digital camera pictures just hits different.

That's it friends! What are some things you're absolutely loving this season? Comment them below!


I love your eye for flower arrangements, Felicia! That's something I want to learn to do this spring and summer. Lovely post as always.

Replying to

Thank you so much! I love flower arranging. It's so calming and such a fun activity.


Just a California girl who believes in a good cup of tea, a fresh bouquet of peonies, page turning novels & romanticizing everyday life.

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