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How to Enter Your Renaissance Girl Era

There's been a lot of discourse over becoming "that girl" over the last few years. The girl who has it all together. Who drinks green smoothies, works out consistently, journals, eats salads, and has amazing hair, skin and nails, etc. etc.

And while those are all great things to aspire to, I think I've finally cracked the code on why it never really resonated with me.

Truth is, I'm not interested in being "that girl. I'm interested in being a Renaissance Girl.

Someone who is well versed in a multitude of topics and has a diverse repertoire of gifts and talents.

Someone who surprises people when she can randomly start playing a beautiful song on the piano or who is secretly really good at playing card games.

I will always be so thankful to my mom for instilling in me the belief that I could do and learn any new thing I wanted to. As a child, I grew up taking Tahitian dance classes, golf lessons, chess lessons, tap, jazz and ballet classes, voice lessons, tennis lessons, the list truly goes on and on. She made darn sure we were not bored during the summer months.

That belief followed me well into adulthood, as I jump into new hobbies and ventures the moment I feel inspired or interested. Gardening, filming and editing videos, photography, and floral design are all hobbies I've only just become interested in as an adult. And I've thrown myself into learning all I can about each topic. Taking master classes, watching videos, reading books on styling and designing - all in the hopes of being an educated Renaissance girlie.

Striving to be a Renaissance girl means spending more time off the phone and in real life. It means interacting with people in real time, retraining your brain to not rely on instant gratification and instead, find joy in the slow and steady excitement of completing a beautiful piece of art or learning a new instrument.

It's opting to go to a museum or a gallery with your friends instead of going to a bar or club. Choosing to read novels instead of scrolling, and finding new things that you can become good at.

There are so many ways to start your Renaissance Girl Era, and in today's post, I'm going to share with you 10 things to do while you jump into this cultural and artistic revival in your life.

Here are 10 things to do and learn in your Renaissance Girl Era.

Tai Chi

Have you ever seen those people in the park moving their hands slowly in the air as if they're practicing fighting in slow motion? They're doing Tai Chi. A Chinese martial art form known for slow and intentional movements that are not only good for your overall sense of wellness, but is a great form of self defense as well. Tai Chi is great for cardiovascular health, improving posture, and accessing a meditative state. And honestly, it just looks really fun.

Horseback Riding

Growing up, it was considered lame or uncool to be a "horse girl". But I can now proudly say, I was a horse girl then, and I'm a horse girl now. To this day I will re-watch The Saddle Club episodes whenever I need a shot of nostalgia.

Horseback riding is one of those timelessly classic and elegant hobbies. It's honestly so much fun to do, albeit a little bit scary.


You guys know how I feel about pottery. It's not my favorite thing in the world. But the girls love it and it really does give those artistic, cultural vibes.


Painting is like a secret garden where you can escape the chaos of everyday life and express yourself in the most beautiful and meaningful way possible. It's a journey of self-discovery, where you can explore your emotions, thoughts, and dreams through the magical language of art. Whether you prefer vibrant abstracts that burst with energy, delicate watercolors that capture the essence of tranquility, or intricate portraits that tell captivating stories, painting allows you to create a world that is uniquely yours.


As homemakers and want to be homemakers, obviously we love to cook. But how can we make it more ✨artsy✨? It's much more fun to eat a meal when it's styled beautifully on vintage plates or when you add a little flare. One of my favorite YouTube channels, The Daily Connoisseur often talks about presentation when it comes to plating your meals. It's nice not only for you to enjoy, but to put that little extra love and care into the meals you make for your family and friends as well.


Writing is a wonderful way to express yourself artistically. Whether you're writing a journal entry decompressing your thoughts, or writing poetry just for yourself to enjoy. There's something cathartic about putting pen to paper. And just because we take English in high school and college doesn't mean that there isn't more to learn. Take short story class or creative writing class and allow your imagination to truly run wild.

Video Diaries (for yourself)

Between TikTok and YouTube, it's almost like we feel as though everything we film has to be for public consumption. But remember the days of home videos? Where you filmed things just so you could look back on it when you got older? I love going through my family's old home videos and watching me and my brother as little kids.

Just because you film something doesn't mean you have to post it. You can create for the sake of creating, and do something for your own personal enjoyment. Film yourself learning new things, film birthday parties, family events, or whatever you want to remember from this time in your life.

Become a Patron of the Arts

You all know I'm a huge fan of the arts and I make it a point to go see my favorite shows as often as possible. Going to the theatre gives you the opportunity to dress in your finest clothing, and enjoy an old fashioned style of entertainment. If you really want to get into it, you can join mailing lists to find out about ticket sales, meet cast members and know when a specific show is going to be in your city.

Watch Foreign Films

I was truly in my Renaissance Era when I was in college. Every day I came home I would choose an independent or foreign film to watch on Netflix. I truly enjoyed watching movies I'd never seen and having new films to discuss in social circles.

Next time you're going to watch something you've already seen or something everyone is talking about, reach for the lesser known and enjoy. Or better yet, go to the small, local movie theater in your area that shows all the foreign films and enjoy being around other artsy people who are interested in unique and fun films.

Go to Museums

Kehinde WIley exhibit at SF MOMA

Let me tell you why visiting museums is an absolute must for every girl with a heart full of curiosity and a soul thirsty for inspiration!

The Kehinda Wiley exhibit at SF MOMA was absolutely unreal and moved me to tears. Art is truly so powerful and museums are like enchanted portals that transport us to different worlds and eras.

They are treasure troves of knowledge and beauty, where every corner holds a new discovery waiting to ignite our imagination and broaden our perspectives.


Aspiring to be a Renaissance woman or enter your Renaissance era is like embracing the beauty of a multifaceted diamond, each facet reflecting a different aspect of your brilliance and potential. It's about celebrating diversity in interests, skills, and knowledge, and embracing the art of continuous learning and growth.

Being a Renaissance woman means navigating life with grace, intelligence, and a thirst for exploration, embodying the essence of versatility and adaptability in a world full of endless possibilities.

So, let's embrace our inner Renaissance women and throw ourselves fully into this new era.


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