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Embossed Gingerbread Cookies

Happy First day of December!

To celebrate, I wanted to make some beautifully embossed gingerbread cookies.

I've had this embossed rolling pin for a few years, and I decided I was finally going to use it!

In this process, I learned that in order to get the print to stick on the cookies, you need a recipe that won't rise too much. Meaning you have to use a recipe without baking soda, baking flour or any other rising agent. This is the first embossed cookie recipe I've tried so I don't know if it will make it to the family recipe book, but it was a good start!

The recipe can be found here.

Enjoy this quick video I made today showing how I made them!


A few tips when making these cookies:

  1. Make sure you flour your dough very well when rolling it out! If the dough is too sticky, it will lift up when you roll your embossed pin over it and that is a bit frustrating.

  2. Press down on the dough with the embossed rolling pin with a decent amount of strength. When you bake the cookies, naturally some of the design will bake away, so make sure you really get the print on the cookie!

  3. Roll out your dough as smoothly as possible with a regular rolling pin first, before using your embossed pin.

  4. Wear an apron! It gets a little messy.


They came out a beautiful color and taste delicious!


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