An Intentional Start to Fall

As August sneakily turned into September, I started to think about the different ways we can have an intentional start to the Fall season. I thought about making a video on this but didn't know if it would come across the way I wanted it to. So since I tend to have better luck expressing myself through writing, I figured this was better suited for a blog post.

Something that tends to happen in our society is that we allow things to happen to us, instead of making a point to be intentional with our lives. Seasons change, and we don't even notice until there's a chill in the air or Christmas decorations up at Costco (which they are up in my Costco right now and I will always think that is absolutely insane.)

And even just that, Christmas decorations already being strategically placed in stores so that the capitalization of everyone's favorite Holiday can continue, makes it hard to truly enjoy the Fall season for all the joy that it brings.