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An Evening With In-Laws | Sunday Supper

Outfit Details:

This Sunday was yet another fabulous Sunday Supper, but this one a was a bit more special as we were joined by my brother and very soon to be sister-in-law. My sister-in-law has expressed a desire for once monthly dinners with myself and Cain, as a way to establish traditions and connections now that we're really all going to be family.

Spending time together as boyfriends and girlfriends is one thing, but now that we're all getting married, we want to spend more time with each other to create lasting bonds and friendships.

I kicked off the tradition by making one of my favorite recipes: One-pot Japanese Curry Rice & Chicken by New York Times Cooking in my Martha Stewart Dutch Oven, my sister in law brought over broccoli, and my neighbor dropped off some delicious bread from our local bakery.

For dessert, I made my first recipe from the Sunday Suppers cookbook I received for Christmas: Apple & Olive Oil cake, and even made homemade vanilla ice cream as a special treat for my brother.

Even though my brother and his fiancee aren't the biggest fans of cake, Cain and I certainly are. And what's dinner without dessert?

Tonight's Recipes:

My mom bought this adorable dutch oven for me on sale at Marshall's. It's incredibly durable, and perfect for hearty meals like the one from tonight's dinner.

For my floral arrangement, I kept it simple with an arrangement of ranunculus. They were only $4.99 a bunch at Trader Joe's, so I opted to mix different shades of pink for a beautiful, yet simple bouquet.

The first time I heard of ranunculus was in the show called "Atypical" on Netflix when the therapist tells the main character that they're her favorite. After looking them up on Google, I absolutely fell in love with them. They're nowhere near as expensive as my preferred Peony, but have a very similar, elegant look.

Dessert was delicious but I wouldn't necessarily call it an Olive Oil cake. In fact, it tastes scarily similar to my mom's pound cake with some extra add-ins. Olive oil, lemon zest, and sliced apples on top make for a bit of a new take on a classic cake. It was still delicious, nonetheless.

I think we all bought a few useless items during quarantine and an ice cream maker was ours. One night, while dreaming of ice cream but unable to go to the store or ice cream shop during the thick of the pandemic, we decided an ice cream maker would be a smart purchase. And honestly, it was. I love my ice cream maker. It churns beautifully and you can have delicious, creamy, frozen goodness in one day.

I followed a New York Times recipe for this ice cream and it was such a treat.

Another useful purchase I made recently, is my springform pan. I've always wanted one and it definitely came in handy today. If you're an avid cake baker like myself, invest in one of these bad boys, it'll make your life so much easier. No more anxiety inducing moment of flipping your cake onto a plate, only to find that half of it has stuck to the pan. Although, that moment when your cake slips out of the pan upside down seamlessly onto your plate, is a level of euphoria that only a few of us know the joy of.

This gorgeous blue tablecloth from Amazon is affordable and so unique. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to add it to the collection.

Curating beautiful nights like these are what makes life so delicious. And more than anything, I'm thankful for family who are also close, close friends. I hope you enjoyed this post, and please tag me on Instagram if you also host Sunday Supper!



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