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6 Ways To Honor Your Femininity

Hello From Colorado!!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you already know that I'm here in the mountains of Colorado with Cain and his family for the next two weeks.

How I wish you could hear the peace and quiet and smell the fresh air here as I sit and type this. But alas, you will have to use your imagination. (Or follow me on Instagram where I show little snippets of life here in the woods.)

Whenever I'm up here, I feel so much more tuned in with my femininity.

Cain and I like to roam through the woods, sit by the pond on the property, and we have the opportunity to connect in ways we're unable to back at home.

Being here is a reminder of the ways in which I love to honor my femininity. The habits and practices that help me operate from my feminine energy. And why it's so important to take time to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and find peace among the trees.

Here are just some of the ways we can all honor our femininity.

  1. Live Authentically

Boy oh boy is this one important. If I'm honest, part of the reason why production of my YouTube videos has halted, is because I want to live my life more authentically. The internet can be an interesting space. One might start out being authentic, but as consumers of their content might start requesting various topics, or trolls start voicing their opinion, it's SO easy to lose authenticity on a public platform. But aside from that perspective, when you don't live authentically, and you're not in alignment with your true desires, you can start to feel bitter and hardened.

If your truth, is that you want to be pursuing a career as a Broadway Star, but you're working a job you hate, and not doing anything towards what your desire is, you will start to resent everyone around you. You'll become jealous of the people who are doing what they say they want to do, and you will diminish the feminine genius within you, that knows where you're supposed to be.

Whatever your truth is in life, you must accept it and live aligned with it. Do NOT allow society or any outside voices, to dictate what feels authentic to you. Only you know that. And only you can make the choices to live a life that feels right to you.

2. Schedule Time For Yourself

I know I've talked about scheduling in self-care before, but I'm mentioning it again because it truly is a game changer when it comes to honoring your femininity. In life, I think we often think things will just come naturally, or if we desire to be in tune with our feminine, that it will just *happen*. But unfortunately, as with everything in life, you have to work for it.

We won't just magically wake up one day and be the woman of our dreams, living the life of our dreams. There's action behind it.

That said, the action behind honoring your femininity, is creating time to honor your femininity.

The best way I know how to do this, is by creating a bath sanctuary. I light several candles, put calming essential oils in my diffuser, turn the lights down, and listen to soothing music, meditations, or read a good fiction novel.

Last Summer, I did this religiously every Tuesday night. As a sort of date night with myself. It gave me something to look forward to, and got me excited, motivated and inspired for the week ahead.

3. Surround Yourself With Beauty

This one sounds a little silly, but you know what they say, The eyes are the window to the soul. What you see and what you surround yourself with, will be the food that feeds your soul, and ultimately, your feminine energy. This is where decor and how you style and organize your living space comes into play.

Don't confuse this with lavishness or luxury, however. You can live an incredibly modest life with few things and still style it in a way that enhances your feminine spirit. By keeping fresh flowers and plants around, candles lit, and keeping a tidy space, you are surrounding yourself with beauty in even the smallest of ways.

Additionally, take time to surround yourself with natural beauty. Head to the ocean or into the mountains. Take time to be with nature, instead of snapping a photo for everyone to see. Just be. Exist with her. And allow her beauty to penetrate you.

4. Love Your Body

Summer is approaching and I don't know about you, but I've been so critical about my body lately. Notably, it has gone through some changes over the last year that I didn't really notice until recently. My 28th birthday is approaching, and it's almost like overnight my metabolism slowed down and my lethargy sped up.

But through this change, I'm challenging myself to love my body, even in the midst of all of its transitions.

Don't let the lie that your worthiness ends in your mid-20s define you.

As human beings, our bodies will continue to grow and shift and change throughout life and it's a beautiful thing. We should not expect our bodies to be exactly the same as when we were 19, nor should we mourn when they aren't.

As the feminine body grows and shifts through first menstruation, through childbirth, motherhood, menopause and everything else, finding ways to love our body through these changes will make our experience as feminine beings that much more enjoyable.

We should honor her for the changes she goes through, not pick her apart for not looking the way she did for 5 years in our 20s.

5. Honor Your Boundaries

I already created a Patreon video on this topic which I would urge everyone to check out, because boundaries are of the utmost importance when dealing with feminine energy.

Boundaries are so important for protecting your peace of mind. You must realize, that not everyone is deserving of access to you or your energy. And cutting off access to those who don't deserve it, can be a very empowering feeling.

Telling that guy who strings you along to stop contacting you, or letting that ex-friend know you don't want to spend time together anymore, puts you in a position of power to protect what is rightfully yours: your peace.

Is it hard at first? Absolutely. Are you going to want to go back on your word and re-invite toxic people into your life out of fear? More than likely. But stick with it, and the strength that you'll feel from taking control and protecting your feminine energy will give you the power to soldier on without those people in your life.

6. Infuse Your Life With Pleasure

Okay ladies, it's time to get real about pleasure.

Our society stigmatizes and demonizes everything having to do with pleasure. We've even coined the term "guilty pleasure" to make it seem like we feel bad for doing certain things that bring us sensational joy.

Instead of having "guilty" pleasures, why don't we just have pleasures? Things that enhance our senses and bring out the feminine.

I'm of the belief that there's nothing wrong with infusing pleasure into your life. Whether it's by indulging in that last piece of chocolate cake, or spending all day in bed with your partner on a rainy Sunday. We need to release the shame around pleasure.

The feminine loves pleasure.

She loves to live deeply and richly within her femaleness.

By depriving yourself of any pleasure in life, you run the risk of starving the sensuousness that the feminine so desperately longs for.

This is by no means an invitation to live an unhealthy lifestyle, but it's about softening the rigid edges of what we often deem a "guilty" pleasure.


My loves, I hope you've enjoyed this post. And I sincerely hope that you incorporate some of these habits into your feminine routine.

The feminine is free flowing, creative and loves tapping into her senses. Find some ways to do that this week.

All my love,


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