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5 Ways to Have a Cozy Summer

With June around the corner, Summer is nearly here! It's time for enjoying warm nights, basking in the smell of chlorine mixed with sunscreen, and eating as many Otter Pops as you can find. The word "cozy" tends to be associated with seasons like Fall and Winter, but there are ways to enjoy the warmer months without the chunky blankets and pumpkin scented candles.

Let the summer vibes roll in as you dine under twinkle lights in the garden and enjoy an ice cold sweet tea to cool off your day. Here are five ways to enjoy a cozy summer season.

Wake up Early

With the birds finally making their presence known after a long and cold Winter, there's something so peaceful about waking up early and listening to the birds sing their morning songs. Use the morning to journal, reflect, and indulge in a tall glass of lemon water in your favorite seasonal cup.

Have Fun with Summer Drinks

Who says you have to go to spend $6 for an iced chai at your local coffee shop? While I'm all for shopping local, become your own barista at home by making your favorite iced drinks in your own kitchen. There are so many yummy drinks to try making yourself and save the daily expense for your favorite treat.

Dine Al Fresco

Summer is the perfect time to start dining outside under the twinkle lights and the romantic haze of a sorbet colored sunset. One thing about living in California is that we always find an excuse to eat outside. Pasta salads, watermelon tossed in lime juice, feta and mint sprigs, fresh fish and fruit salads are all on the menu. Dining al fresco also offers a great opportunity to have fun with your tablescape. As we shift from the pastels of Spring to the primary colors of Summer, find a reason to host! And show off your table setting skills.

Seasonal Baking

Autumn and Winter baking are definitely what I think of when I think of cozy times in the kitchen - but Summer is such a fun time to pop on an apron and bake a sweet treat. I love using fresh strawberries from the farmer's market in pies and cakes, and the delicious juicy peaches in a rustic cobbler.

Here are some delicious summer inspired sweet treats to make this season:

Comfortable Clothing

Wear light, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Flowy dresses, loose pants, and soft T-shirts are perfect for a cozy summer wardrobe. Have fun with color, but also indulge in a lighter palette wearing warm whites, beiges and neutral tones to create that elevated yet cozy summer look.


With these tips, you're sure to have a comfy and cozy summer season!

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