5 Areas of Life to Declutter

Hello My loves!

As we head into the chilly yet cozy vibes that come with the Autumn season, I always find it to be a fun and cathartic experience to take some time to declutter different areas of my life.

I feel like things can get so hectic during the summer months with various vacations, social events, responsibilities and so much more. And Autumn is a wonderful opportunity to slow down and engage in that true hygge lifestyle.

De-cluttering has been a big theme in my life since moving out along with a whole host of other responsibilities! All of which you can hear about in my latest video on homemaking, if you haven't watched it and need to know a few more secrets on running a home smoothly, I'd give it a watch.

Removing distractions and focusing on slow living can only be done when we live a life that's free of clutter. But clutter isn't just mail that's piled up on your kitchen counter or knick knacks in places they don't belong. There are areas that we can de-clutter that we might have ordinarily not even thought of or considered!

It's these untouched places that really make a big difference in how we feel in our day to day lives. So in today's post, we're going to go through 5 areas of life to declutter, to make room for an intentional and slow Fall.


I once heard that we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. So I think it's important to always ask ourselves if the people we're spending time with are uplifting us, encouraging us, supporting us, and loving us. Or if they're tearing us down, making us feel insecure, and stunting our growth.