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10 Wholesome Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve

We are but a few days away from 2024! Which means very soon here we'll be watching fireworks in the sky or watching the ball drop on TV.

Growing up, I had the same New Year's Eve tradition every year. I would watch the Disney Channel Original Movie Marathon/NYE Countdown while cleaning my room and eating my mom's delicious gumbo.

My family didn't often do things outside of the home for NYE. In fact, I think a little superstition played a part in that decision. My mom always said that the New Year should find your home clean, find some money in your wallet, and your suitcases packed. Being from Panama, she has a lot of superstitions like this, many of which I do not know the significance of. All I know, is that every year for New Year's Eve, instead of being out and about with friends, I was home. Cleaning.

It wasn't until I reached my 20s that I started to ring in the New Year some place other than my home. I started getting a bit more adventurous and spending the holiday in San Francisco with my friends, or at house parties. And while that season of life was fun, I find myself preferring the simple joy of sitting on the couch, champagne in hand, counting down with my husband and sharing a kiss when the clock strikes twelve.

I think there can sometimes be a lot of pressure to feel like you always need to be out and about to properly celebrate certain holidays. And some holidays can even act as an excuse to get drunk or belligerent.

There's a time and place for everything and I'm not here to tell you how you should celebrate your entrance into the New Year. But if you're feeling stressed because you "Don't have plans yet", or "Don't have anywhere to go", then this post is for you!

Here are 10 wholesome ways to ring in the New Year.

Game Night

We absolutely looooooove game nights. I'm sure you've caught on to this fact as I mention it quite often. In fact, New Year's Eve 2019, we spent at my best friend's house playing games and drinking champagne, just the four of us. Plus their dog. It was so warm and heartfelt, and a great way to spend the evening. We laughed as the bubbles started to reach our heads, and jumped up with glee when we got an answer right.

Lately, C and I have been loving to play rummy! But we also play a super fun game called Monikers. It's like charades, but way more fun! This is a great way to have wholesome fun with friends, and combine the feeling of socializing without the stress of leaving the house.

Build A Pillow Fort

Building pillow forts is fun all year long, but there's something extra fun and exciting about doing it around a holiday. A Christmas Eve pillow fort or New Year's Eve pillow fort is a great way to add a little excitement to the evening, while keeping things light and fun.

Set it up so you can watch movies all night, tell stories, play cards, and have a magical place to anticipate the New Year.

Swap Champagne for Hot Cocoa

I know traditionally, those of us who are of age will have a glass or two of champagne to ring in the New Year, but if alcohol is not your cup of tea, swap it out for a delicious mug of hot cocoa. And I'm not talking about those hot cocoa packets that are ready to go and all you have to do is add water. I'm saying, make this an event.

Buy the richest bars of chocolate you can find, and melt it over the stove with your milk of choice. Add in your sweeteners like white or brown sugar, and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cayenne.

And if you really want to take it up a notch. Make your own whipped cream to go on top! Making homemade whipped cream is so easy and delicious, and it's a much better alternative to the canned stuff.

Have New Year's Eve Dinner

So many people focus on having elaborate and delicious dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but what if you held an elegant family dinner to welcome the New Year? While many family members might have plans to spend their evening in the big city, maybe there are some who don't have any plans? Maybe invite a grandparent over for dinner, or a coworker who lives far from home. This season can be incredibly lonely for certain groups. The elderly being one. And this would be such a sweet way to make the elders in your life feel thought of and loved.

This could be a fun tradition to start, inviting people into your home to welcome the New Year over a hot meal. I love sharing meals and cooking for the people I love. This could be a low-effort, low stakes way to be around good energy for the last day of the year, and gather in community with people who need it most.

Work on Your Vision Board

Who doesn't love a good vision board?! Cut out some pictures from magazines or old books, and start crafting your dream life for the New Year. You can turn this into a family event or do it solo! Either way, it's a fun and easy activity to do and helps get you in the right mindset for the coming year.

Another option is to make one in Canva and set it as your laptop or phone background! I do this every year and it's much more fun and easier (and less messy), than the traditional way.

Have a Movie Marathon

We've been watching so many sweet movies lately, it would be so much fun to have a movie marathon on New Year's Eve! So far, we've watched Klaus. a family favorite, The Sound of Music, Jingle All the Way, and Princess Diaries 2.

Your movie selections don't have to be holiday themed, but in my opinion, it's still very much the Christmas season. So Maybe pop on Hallmark and watch two strangers fall in love, or put on some old Disney movies to get you in the nostalgic spirit! Grab your favorite snacks and watch movies all night long!

Unwind With a Salt Bath

I don't know about you, but when I sit back and think about how insane my 2023 was, my head starts spinning! On the last day of the year, a great way to relax and ease into the New Year, would be taking a bubble or epsom salt bath. You deserve it. WE deserve it.

This could be a good opportunity to just reflect and meditate on the year you've had. Light some candles, and play soothing music in the background. Think about all the fun you had, the mistakes you made, and what you want to do differently in the New Year.

I believe water to be a healing element, so anything that you're holding on to - any negativity, sadness, or anger, can be released into the water as you prepare for a new season of your life.

Make Festive Crafts

What is NYE without some tacky hats, fake jewelry, and disco balls? Try your hand at crafting your own NYE themed accessories! There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest for how to make New Year's Eve hats, noise makers, and fortune cookies. Turn it in to a party with girlfriends or do these crafts with your kids! There is no age limit to crafting and this is such a fun and innocent way to celebrate.

Host a Kitchen Dance Party

One of the most common ways that my family likes to celebrate, is through dancing! We will find any excuse to put on some good music, and bust a move. Usually in the kitchen while my mom tries to make dinner. But she usually ends up joining in.

Dance is such a freeing and expressive way to showcase your emotions. It can serve as a powerful emotional release when needed, and can also being about mass amounts of dopamine. Many cultures use dance as a way to celebrate, to bond, and to connect. Making it a great way to ring in the New Year.


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