10 Habits That Are Killing Your Femininity (pt. 2)

Hi loves!

It's finally time to give you the second half of this blog post that you all loved SO much! Let's jump in without delay. :)

Here are the final 5 habits that are killing your femininity.

6. Perfectionism

Who else has low-key felt like being feminine means being perfect all. the. time? When we look on social media and we see perfectly curated photos and videos on YouTube, it's easy to fall into a mindset that we must be perfect. But the reality of the feminine, is that she is free-flowing. She is creative and she allows herself make mistakes and learn from them.

Perfection is rigid and cold, where the feminine is flowing and dynamic. The feminine does her best to be guided by her intuition, her heart, and her wisdom. Where perfectionism is often based in doing what looks good to the outside world.

  • Perfectionism asks: How can I appear feminine to those around me?

  • Femininity asks: How can I embrace the feminine spirit every day?

I have struggled with perfectionism for most of my adult life. Perfectionism that stems from both internalized racism, and internalized misogyny. I believed that in order to make up for the fact that I am a black woman, I needed to have everything together, at any and every given moment.