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Where the beauty of the present, meets elegance of the past.

About the Shop

At Wild Iris Antiques, we believe in rekindling the joy of tradition and embracing the art of family. Each piece is carefully selected to not only evoke nostalgia, but to inspire a renewed appreciation for the rituals of dining. Immerse yourself in the delicate patterns of antique plates, the intricate details of dinnerware, and rediscover the enchantment of creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Named for my grandmother, who sparked my love of making things pretty, Wild Iris aims to join the beauty of the present with elegance of the past. And to remind us that no matter how much modernity we may enjoy in our lives, there is nothing better than the simple elegance of a family dinner, where cherished conversations unfold, laughter resonates, and the warmth of shared moments is accentuated by the timeless beauty of gleaming antique dishes; each piece a vessel carrying the stories of generations past, connecting us to a rich tapestry of familial history. 

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