Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Updated: Feb 8

Valentine's Day is typically all about us women, but we can't forget the men in our lives! I'll be honest, I'm not the best gift giver. Except when it comes to Cain. Over the years, I've gifted him with house slippers (that he still wears today), an iPhone dock for his car (that he still uses today), cologne and clothes.

He's never been much into buying things for himself, and is quite the minimalist. So I like to find any opportunity to surprise him with something he's been secretly wanting or needing.

Below are a few ideas of gifts to get your guy this year.

Never out of style, bomber jackets are one of my favorite fashion pieces for men. They're masculine in style, while still keeping a good shape for a polished look. This Topman bomber jacket is the perfect color for the Winter to Spring transition.

I'm not joking when I say Cain is still wearing the house slippers I bought him in 2019. House slippers get a stereotype of being feminine, but who says men can't have warm and cozy feet while they're lounging around the house too?! These UGG slippers are so soft inside and are perfect to slip on after a long day.

Longchamp does it right when it comes to bags, and this travel bag is no exception. This is another item men don't often think to invest in but find out often that they actually do need.