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Underrated And Easy Beauty Practices

My 20s started out slowly. I entered my 20th birthday with my high school boyfriend in tow. At that point, I was pretty convinced that we were on the way to marriage and I would be a young wife and mom. So when our relationship dissolved, I found myself young, single, and eager to have my own Sex and The City experience.

And that's exactly what I did.

I spent the first few years of my 20s going out, having late nights, meeting handsome strangers at music festivals, and having a few too many Margarita Mondays with my best friend. (You can hear all about that in this video ).

Luckily, I started to realize the damage I was doing to my skin, and my liver, before it was too late. (Mainly because my cheeks began to flare up with acne so badly that I was desperate.) I changed my habits, changed my idea of "fun" and started taking better care of my skin and body. And once I met the love of my life, my idea of fun shifted from late nights out to long car rides to the beach or the mountains or staying in watching Downton Abbey with my mom.

I started implementing these beauty practices as a means of curing my acne, and found that they would be beneficial for me to continue as I exited early 20s and entered mid and late 20s.

And while my face is more mature today than it was when I was 20, I definitely have more of a "glow" now than ever before, because of these practices and habits.

Check out today's video to get the scoop on how I keep my glow!


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