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Updated: May 3

The last few months have been....exhausting, to say the least. Between keeping my YouTube channel up, starting this blog, maintaining a social life and a healthy, thriving relationship, I am BEAT. I needed a break in my schedule to keep me sane and the best place for me to do that is always Big Sur, California.

Initially, I thought this blog post would just be about our trip and what we did..but I'm realizing now, that the real message I want to give today, is that it's OKAY to take a break. I don't know about you, but sometimes, I feel like I'm not doing enough.

I'm not posting enough, not working enough, not striving enough. But when I take moments to spend with my loved ones, I'm reminded that what I'm doing is more than enough. What you're doing is more than enough. If you only clean one section of your room, if you only make one blog post, if you only read one chapter of your book, it's all enough.

We live in a world that is so focused on GO GO GO, STRIVE STRIVE STRIVE, MORE MORE MORE. Achieve! Travel! Live luxuriously! And with the rise of social media and our ability to have a peak into other people's "reality", we are so quick to compare our own lives, and feel like what we have, or what we're doing isn't good enough.

But it is.

This weekend, we celebrated Cain's birthday. I won't say how old he is now, but it's one of those ages where you start reminiscing and thinking back on your life and where your life is headed now. And there really is no better place to do that, than Big Sur. Something about the endless ocean views and being on the edge of the country puts everything into perspective. It has a majestic feel to it when you drive down the coast at sunset, the vastness of the Pacific Ocean staring back at you. Reminding you that we are but a small piece of this gargantuan world.

Stopped off for a mini photoshoot! I always love wearing my natural hair <3

We stayed at a wonderful campground called Treebones in a YURT! Now, if you're not sure what a yurt is, it's okay, there's no reason why you SHOULD know. But a yurt is basically a giant, fancier, tent. The view from our yurt was absolutely stunning. Honestly, walking out of our tent and seeing the view of the ocean never got old.

Treebones is a campground/resort in Big Sur with several yurts and spots to pitch tents and camp out.

The experience includes a heated pool and hot tub, complimentary breakfast, gorgeous views and for a little extra money, a sushi dinner that is supposed to change your life. Unfortunately, we didn't splurge for the sushi dinner, but we heard all about it from the friends we made around the campground.

We kicked off Friday evening with dinner at the campground Restaurant and somehow managed to not get a photo together! But we split a yummy meal of tagliatelle pasta, brussels sprouts, and mushroom flatbread. Then we split some yummy cupcakes that I picked up at a local bakery before we left. The dinner was delicious and was just what we needed after that LONG drive.

On Saturday, Cain's Birthday, we were up bright and early to get the complimentary breakfast, which included a frittata, whole wheat toast, whole milk yogurt, an assortment of jams, hard-boiled eggs, and juice. It definitely wasn't anything hyper-luxurious, but was just enough fuel to get us going for the day.

Talk about dinner with a view!

Yummy yogurt with berries, honey and granola!

That day, we set out with the goal of chasing waterfalls, and boy did we accomplish that goal! We started our hiking at Limekiln and hiked all the way to Limekiln Falls. I was stunned. I've never seen waterfalls up close before and it was so rewarding to have to go through a mildly treacherous hike to get to the ultimate view.

BEAUTY at Limekiln. This photo isn't edited AT ALL.

Waterfall behind us!

Limekiln wasn't the only waterfall we saw! We also headed to the famous McWay Falls to check out that iconic waterfall. While McWay is stunning, Limekiln is definitely a well kept secret, as it's the only waterfall you can hike to and really experience, while McWay is only able to be seen from afar. Still incredibly beautiful, but not nearly as interactive.

We then headed to Cafe Kevah, which is the cafe right below the very popular restaurant, Nepenthe. We split an amazing crab Eggs Benedict and each had our drink of choice. I had a delicious chai latte while Cain got his, very necessary, coffee fix.

We then did some more driving, stopped off at a few shops and picked up different gifts and trinkets. Including a book for Cain, socks and earrings for me.

Cain enjoying his new book at sunset :)

We headed back to the campground for an evening swim (we were the ONLY ones brave enough to jump in the pool, and finished off in the hot tub where we met a lovely couple on vacation. Interestingly enough, they work in the same field we do! The husband works as a producer in animation, and the wife, is an actor like myself. We talked about kids, family, the entertainment industry, and finding your purpose in life. It was truly a magical evening watching the sun set, while discussing the meaning of life with these strangers.

We parted ways and went to dinner at the campground restaurant again. Initially, we had planned to drive back in to town (about an hour) for dinner, but once we got in the car and started driving, we immediately turned around. There was NO WAY we were going to drive Highway 1, at night, with absolutely no lights to guide us and light fog rolling in. We turned back around and had a lovely dinner with some new friends.

Not our best picture but we tried! haha

We ended the night watching The Grinch on my laptop next to the fire and I'd say it was a wonderful birthday for Mr. Cain.

On Sunday, we headed back home and back to reality. But not without first stopping at the Big Sur Bakery for lunch. We met a very lively Frenchman named Thierry who really took to us and invited us back to stay in his home on the coast whenever we're back in town. We had a delicious meal of salmon toast, broccoli and white cheddar soup and a blueberry croissant, swirl thing.. I'm not sure what it's called but it was fantastic.

I can NEVER remember to snap a photo before I start eating!

The wonderful crew at the Big Sur Bakery surprised us by coming out with a slice of chocolate cake and berry compote and whipped cream right before we left. Which I didn't get a picture of because I shoved my fork into it before Cain even had a chance to say "thank you". Whoops!

And finally, no trip to Big Sur is complete without a stop at Bixby Bridge. Arguably, the most stunning (and dangerous) bridge on the West Coast. I've been to this bridge several times with family and friends, as it's one of the lesser known spots to visit in California, and every time, I'm still shocked by it's beauty and danger.

Bixby Bridge! Not the best photo but still!!

Selfies at Bixby Bridge!

Of course...another mini photoshoot

Ultimately, this trip was definitely needed. It reminded me that I actually am doing a lot, even if it doesn't feel like it. I'm working every day towards my ultimate goals. I'm being a kind and communicative partner, and I'm taking time to enjoy the little things in life. I may not be a huge influencer with millions of followers. But I am a girl, who is working in her purpose and passion, and loving life every step of the way.

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