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How to Recharge Your Feminine Energy

The Winter season can be draining. It's cold, it's dark and damp. But it provides a cozy and serene environment to begin reflecting inward and accessing your deep feminine energy.

I tend to think that this season is one that provides the biggest opportunity for us to grow. To mimic nature, wherein we are shedding the old, in preparation for the newness and feminine rebirth of Spring.

In Winter, we are gifted a beautiful chance to truly look at our lives, and decide how we want to emerge in the warmer seasons. We can take this time to recharge our femininity through expressing ourselves creatively, eating warm and nourishing meals, and connecting with the dark and masculine.

Here are 9 ways to connect with your feminine energy during the Winter season and beyond.

Read a romantic novel

I love using this time of year to dig my teeth into a juicy, romantic novel. I'm currently reading "One True Loves" by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It's so nice to sit next to the windowsill, listening to the pitter patter of rainfall outside and getting lost in a good book.

Cook a delicious meal

I recently posted some inspiration for a cozy, warming butternut squash soup that was so delicious. Soups are a great way to warm up your insides and truly dive into the slowness of the season. But no matter what you cook, the act of creating a delicious meal can be a such a sensual thing to do. The aromas, the tastes, the lighting - it's such a great way to connect with your feminine, while doing something you have to do anyway. Light candles, play your favorite vibey music, and lose yourself in the romance of it all.

Get out of your phone

Leaving YouTube and Instagram has done wonders for my femininity and mental health. As humans, we are partial to comparison. And social media makes it so easy to compare our lives to the lives of people we know, and don't know. When we're in a state of comparison, we're out of alignment with gratitude. And it's that feeling of gratitude that allows us to embrace life, our feminine, and enjoy it to the fullest.

In short, get out of your phone!! The less time I spend on my phone now, the less I care about going on it. And when I do check any social media on my laptop, I quickly realize how boring it truly is. Fill that time with a fun activity, learn a new skill, connect with an old friend, watch an educational documentary. The Social Dilemma is a great documentary that showcases the effects of social media and over-usage of the pone.


Dance! Dancing is one of the most natural and primal ways to connect with your feminine. The movement, music, and release of dance allows us as women to feel completely free, which can supercharge your feminine energy! Put on your favorite song in your bedroom or apartment, and just allow your body to move through the music. Don't worry about how you look! Just enjoy the movement.

Connect with masculine energy

Connecting with masculine energy is one way that makes me feel extra connected to my feminine. This can be in obvious ways, or in subtle ways. Whether you allow the man in front of you to hold the door for you, or you spend a little extra time getting ready to see your husband or partner. Connecting with masculine energy offers us insight into the polarity that so beautifully showcases our uniqueness as women.

Go for a drive & listen to your favorite songs

Whenever I'm feeling down or like I need to boost my energy, I'll just go for a long drive by myself. I listen to my favorite songs, or a really juicy podcast, and just enjoy time alone. Our society is one that is hyper-individualistic, but also expects you to have a large community of friends and family at the same time. But I think there can be so much value in finding the middle ground, and just learning to love being with yourself and spending quality time with yourself.

Spend time on your self care routine

This year, I am spending more time on my self care routine, in an effort to energize my feminine energy. Self care looks like so much more than going on walks and taking long baths - though those things are incredibly helpful and valuable. But self care to me now, looks like forgiving people who have wronged me in the past, having immense daily gratitude for the people in my life now, retreating into prayer and meditation, and checking in with myself whenever needed.

As a routine, this is a lot less regimented than a 10 step process, and much more of an intuitive practice. Seeing how I'm feeling during the day, what emotions come up, acknowledging where I'm holding bitterness or anger, and making a conscious choice to release it. To me, self-care is radical softness and kindness with myself- and it is a practice that allows me to show up in my femininity as a kinder, and more understanding person. Towards myself and others.

Pick up a new creative hobby

This year's creative hobby is SEWING! I have been talking on Patreon about how much I want to get into sewing and I've already started working on a few new projects. You can see photos of what I've made so far here.

When the feminine doesn't have a creative outlet, she suffers. It's so important for us as nature's creators, to be in a constant state of creating, if we want to feel connected and purposeful. This doesn't have to be something as big as creating life, but find ways to make something out of nothing is an easy way to connect with and recharge your feminine energy. Cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, and even writing on a blog! These are all wonderful ways to stay connected to feminine nature and ourselves.

Connect with your girlfriends

On the opposite end of connecting with the masculine to supercharge your feminine energy, connecting with other feminine beings is a great way to do this as well! Get together with your girlfriends, and relish in those beautiful moments of connection with women who know and understand you.

A month before my wedding, my best friend and I took off on a road trip up the California coast and stayed in the cutest oceanside town. We laughed, we cried, we sang Paramore at the top of our lungs. And we discussed the importance of feminine connection, and how sometimes, it's just what you need.


That's it for today's post loves! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you take some time this Winter to connect with your feminine energy in preparation for the beauty and newness that will come in the Spring.


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Another great read as usual Felicia. "When we're in a state of comparison, we're out of alignment with gratitude."- you're PREACHING


Thank you!!


Just a California girl who believes in a good cup of tea, a fresh bouquet of peonies, page turning novels & romanticizing everyday life.

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