Feminine Outfits Perfect For The Snow!

Hello Loves!

For those of you who have been following along on Instagram, you know that I've spent the last few days in the snow on a little getaway with Cain (full blog on our trip details coming soon!).

As soon as we booked our trip, I knew I wanted to curate a trip wardrobe that wasn't as blah and frumpy as most snow outfits and clothes can be. But since I knew we weren't going to be skiing or snowboarding, I had to figure out the best way to join snow fashion with regular Winter fashion, and I think I was able to do it!

Some of these pieces I wasn't able to find exact replicas but I'll include some links to similar pieces!


This was our first full day in the snow and I made it my personal mission to be as cute, cozy and warm as possible. I knew that I didn't want to look very bulky, but I also know myself and I HATE being cold. So, I opted for this look, which allowed me to remain cute, framed my shape nicely, AND kept me super warm when we went on our little adventure into the forest.

I had gone to REI the day before we left to buy some base layers which is the beige long sleeved shirt I'm wearing, but I also borrowed some base layers my mom already had and wore those underneath. So instead of wearing a base layer under a super chunky sweater or jacket, I wore two base layers. Which ended up keeping me quite warm.

I bought these adorable pants at REI as well. I didn't even have to try them on to know that I was going to love them. At $70 they were a little steep, but they're incredibly comfortable, lightweight and they shape me well. I also knew that in purchasing these, I could wear them on hikes back in the Bay and would definitely get a lot of use out of them.

If you watched my "Classy Fall Fashion" video, you would've seen this amazing vest. I purchased it on Amazon and don't regret it one bit. It's reversible, it's blush and it's genuinely perfect for the season!

In preparing for this trip, I also knew that I didn't want to wear clunky black boots like everyone else. So I searched Pinterest high and low and found these perfect North Face snow boots. Ideally, I would've also had cream leggings or pants to wear so they would match, but the leggings didn't arrive in time from Asos.






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For those of you who followed along this trip on my Instagram stories, you know that we were absolutely not supposed to spend an extra day up in the snow, but alas, we did anyway. We knew that we weren't ready to head home and go our separate ways quite yet, so we made the incredibly spontaneous decision to stay for one more full day.

Since we didn't have any real plans, I knew that I wanted to be comfy and casual.

I've had this adorable pearl studded head piece forEVER. Literally, I bought it when I worked at Claire's (who remembers Claire's??) in like 2012. And I've kept it because it hasn't gone out of style. If anything, pearl studded things are more in style now than they were then.

This beige sweater was a great find from H&M. I went through a phase of wanting to look and dress like Julia Berolzheimer from Gal Meets Glam and her monotone, neutrals vibe really speaks to me. (Base layer underneath).

The corduroy pants and scarf were found and purchased at Target the day before we left. I was certain that I didn't want to just be wearing black pants or jeans the whole time and wanted to mix it up with a neutral color and these did just the trick. Base layers underneath the pants as well.

Finally, my beloved Blundstone boots. I've had these boots for two years now, and bought them after I saw one of my favorite actresses wearing them! They're water resistant, comfy, and easy to slip on with no laces. They make me feel very "nature girl" and I love it. I think I'll be buying Cain some for Christmas as well but shhhh don't tell him ;)






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On this day, we finally started the journey home. Since I knew we were going to be leaving the snow and heading to somewhat warmer weather, I didn't see the need for base layers and opted to keep it super simple.

Soooo many of you asked about this adorable pink coat, and I'm so sorry to say that I bought it off of Poshmark for, brace yourselves $24!!! It's JCrew, was originally $100 and was my first purchase on the site. Please ladies, do not sleep on Poshmark and buying second hand. This coat had never been worn and is such my vibe I couldn't even believe I was getting it for such an amazing price. If you want a coat in a similar style, type in "Pink Coat" into the Poshmark or Depop app and I guarantee you'll find something! I've linked some similar ones below.

I wore a casual white turtleneck to keep it simple and a cream cashmere scarf to keep my neck warm. Fun fact: keeping your neck warm is proven to be really beneficial at keeping your whole body warm in cold weather! So scarves are always necessary if you're like me and you hate being cold.

I wore these black and white gloves that I've also had since around 2015 and black jeans to keep it matching and simple. I also wore my North Face boots (linked above) to keep my white and black theme going.






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Okay loves! I hope you have so much fun shopping for your Winter fashion and hopefully this post gives you a little guidance as you curate your wardrobe for this season.

I love you all so much and I'll see you in a video soon!



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