Holiday Traditions To Start This Year

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Hello Sweet Friend!

December is arriving and with it comes the excitement and thrill of the Holiday season! As, we're preparing, I'm starting to think about some of my favorite Holiday traditions, and the traditions I hope to start with my own family someday.

Growing up, my parents made sure to give my siblings and I the most magical Christmases. Every year, we got dressed up in our fanciest Christmas accouterments and headed out to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. I, traditionally, would fall asleep during Mass every year, only to be woken up by a boastful chorus and church parishioners holding candles as we all welcomed Baby Jesus.

When we returned home, my brother and I were allowed to open one present before heading off to bed, to open the rest of our gifts on Christmas morning.

I remember so much about those Christmases. The dark Church lit up by hundreds of candles, the smell of pine from the fresh trees when we returned home, my parents running into my grandma's room to finish wrapping our presents. The memories are etched in my mind forever.

Part of what makes the Holidays so magical, are the traditions that you participate in every year. And the ability for those traditions to remind everyone what's important: family.

Here are some of my favorite Holiday traditions, from my family to yours.

1. Midnight Mass. Though I don't consider myself incredibly religious anymore, I still have very fond memories of attending Mass as a child. We were the only family I knew of who went to Mass at midnight, and I thought it was very cool. Not only that, but it made Christmas Day much more enjoyable, because we didn't have to rush to get dressed for the mayhem of Mass at 9:00AM like everyone else. I don't know if they didn't know that Midnight Mass was an option, or if they didn't want to their kids up that late, but it worked for us. It should be mentioned though, that myself and my brother both stay up until the wee hours of the morning now, so if you'd prefer for your kids not to be night owls this might not be the way to go.

2. Christmas Tree Shopping. I know many people prefer to use artificial trees these days in order to help the environment, and save money, and I'm ALL for it. Buuuuut, there's something so magical about going to a Christmas tree farm or Home Depot to pick out your favorite tree. It almost feels like adding a member to the family for a short while. One that has its own quirks and imperfections, but you all love anyway. Not only that, but it brings an amazing smell into the home and creates lasting memories of driving together in the car to pick out your tree and celebrate with a cup of hot cocoa afterwards.

3. Holiday Card Photos. This actually isn't something my family did, but I always wished we did. And it's one of the things I'll be doing when I have my family. This year, Cain and I took one of our infamous trips to the beach to take Holiday photos.